Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A little more on the 28-year-old woman... today's paper. She is being called Samar. Whether that is her real name or not, I have no way of knowing. The shelter she went to after accusing her father of abusing her is now getting part of the blame and has been "accused of helping [the] woman flee." A "source closely involved with the case" said that "the father is mentally unstable and that he would beat her and take away her salary." [Aren't they all? Mentally unstable, that is. How convenient is it that when someone here is accused of some wrongdoing he or she is said to be "mentally unstable."]

Today we learn what the two cases before the court are: the father is accusing his daughter of running away and being disobedient. The 28-year-old woman is demanding that her father be removed as her guardian. Why is it that any culture or society would deem it necessary for a woman, of that age, needs a guardian? [Yesterday we learned that the court refused to take up the daughter's case and was only taking up the father's.]

I still do not understand why she was being taken to jail - from the shelter - before the court finished examining and ruling on the case. According to the "source," who is not identified the daughter "has been called to court five times and that she has failed to appear each time." Guess that could have something to do with why she was being sent to jail. That certainly would be one way to guarantee her appearance at the next court hearing.

The shelter is being criticized by the "source" who says that it accepts "cases without proper investigation" and that that "has caused 'chaos.'" The source goes one step further and is accusing "the shelter of helping the woman flee." She should be easy enough to identify, though. She's the one wearing head-to-toe black... [You let us know if you see her, vermindust!]

For the first time that I can recall we have an "honor killing," here. It was reported first yesterday, that a 20-year-old man shot and killed both of his sisters. That is describing it mildly. He ambushed his sisters is what he did. There were in some "care home," a shelter, and as they were being released into the custody of their father, the brother was waiting for them and shot one of his sister's in the head with a single bullet and shot his other sister three times. Today's article says that the two sisters were caught on Thursday "in suspicious circumstances with two unrelated men." The brother may face the death penalty if he is found guilty. May?!! If his family forgives him he will be "spared capital punishment" but he will "still face jail time served in the name of the public right." According to police it is believed "the brother murdered his two sisters to save the family honor." Oh my...


  1. A shelter whose purpose is to protect women from violence is accused of protecting women from violence. At least she snuck out the back door, 'cause there's FAMILY waiting out front.

    On Honor Killings: these men grow up seeing no women except their own sisters, with no fixation for their early romantic feelings except family. These are Jealosy Killings.
    [adjectives removed include: inbred, misogynist, twisted, depraved, childish and dame-branaged.]

  2. At least for the 28-year-old who's on the run, she didn't have to worry about her father shooting her, vermindust. And, even if he did, he'd get a pass. We already know that he has psychological issues...

    Interesting theory you have that they are jealousy killings. Don't know that I'd disagree with that. You may just be on to something. And, if such was the case for these two girls, you've got to wonder exactly WHAT was going on in that household [or not wonder if you don't want that kind of brain image to stick].

  3. it always perplexes me as to why or how some people can call themselves "muslim" or "human" after killing their own blood due to honor, particularly when its literally considered murder in Islam. they're dishonoring Islam for killing someone, especially without justible cause and with no evidence or trial through the Islamic courts. so they put culture first, not their faith. they're also dishonouring, selling out Islam for not protecting, caring for the weak and vulnerable, those who deserve to be protected, esteemed -i.e. WOMEN. or maybe they still don't understand that in order to be closer to God is to help humanity, especially the weak, to treat women good.

    i'm muslim but was born and bred in Australia. i'm married to an Egyptian. was hoping that i'd practise Islam better now that I was in a muslim country. when i was in Egypt, i was quite shocked, disgusted, ashamed to see how unislamic things were -particularly with women. externally they may look muslim, but its all mechanical. internally there's no love, no spirit of Islam or even humanity for that better, which i think is what you'll find in Saudi too.

  4. Your viewpoint, nur, is most enlightening. Thank you. I would comment more, but that would require me to opine on a topic which I try very hard to completely avoid. Someday... But not while I am a guest in The Sandbox. Surely you can understand...


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