Saturday, July 04, 2009

Another new pet!

We live on a compound that is a like a little town. A little town with absolutely NO farms. One of our neighbor's [that we do not know, personally] has a rooster. Why - just why - would you get a rooster for your kids to play with. [And, let's just be thankful that it is a rooster and not two German Sheppard's - which is what they talked about getting for their children. Obviously someone has been watching too much Jon & Kate + 8 - to think that getting two German Sheppard's for their young children to play with would be a good idea. I won't link to that train wreck - if you don't know what it is - google it.]

It was odd, first hearing the rooster do it's noise-making thing first thing in the morning. The rooster, however, does not limit his crowing - or cock-a-doodle-doing - to just mornings, though. We often hear it at night, too. Poor little confused rooster. The rooster is, right now, as I type this, cowering in our back yard. Clearly he is not "tame" and is afraid of people. Somehow, I'm guessing he is scared to death of the children for whom he was supposed to be a pet for. Obviously, he wanted out of the yard he was confined in - but what the heck made him choose our yard!?!

I am thankful that I saw him prior to opening th
e door to let The Kids out. I do not want to imagine what might have happened...

A lizard in the garbage disposal. A Great Dane and a Standard Poodle going after a rooster. I mean, really... What could possibly go wrong?
Same same for a horrifically bad ending.

I'm going to call Security, now. Hopefully they can do something about the rooster currently trying to hide in the bushes in our back yard.

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  1. Good chickens make good neighbors. It's a nice looking bird; if the kids like him i'd be glad to have a rooster hanging about.


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