Friday, July 10, 2009

Quitting That Foolish Tagged Thing

It has turned out to be much more of a pain in the ass than it is worth. Every day I open my mail and I have some 30 or 40 messages that someone has "tagged" me - or worse - "bought" me. What the heck does that even mean?!? And, no, to all of you men out there that are coming across my "tag" I am NOT THE LEAST BIT REMOTELY INTERESTED IN YOU or getting to know you or being your friend.

Today, in my "In Box," this is just a sampling of the messages I had:

from Eric H -
how are you doing, I come across your page it was so interesting that I have to contact you, your physical appearance circulates in my emotional background, am attracted in you and I want this feelings to be mutual’s will like us to know each other more better, am looking forward to your swift responds. Take care and have a nice day...

from Gary B -
I am a widower and a father of 2 lovely daughters, I have been single for 2years now and my kids and i have felt that it is right time for me to remarry and have someone to love in my life..I am honest,caring,God Fairing,loyal.faithful..and loving..I am looking for a lady who is caring and honest..That will love my kids so much...I am an Italian leaving in Uk for 20years now and my italian name is Madini and i just register this site and i found you intresting and will like to know you more better if you dont mine miss...Please...Madam i like your profile and will like to know you more better,Here is my email address you can add me on my messenger list and we get to chat and know more about ourself

qatari bought me -

qatari bought you!

For $3,345 earning you $152

Your Value: $3,679

Your Cash: $29,427

qatari bought you!

For $13,957 earning you $634

Your Value: $15,352

Your Cash: $34,736

Actually, he's bought me - whatever that means - a dozen times. Jerk!

from Mark W -
Hi There, Was nice reading your profile.. Very interesting... Would like to know you more if you want to know me.. Do check out my profile and leave an email address that i can get back at you with more info about myself.. Take Care... Mark XXX

Ahh. No. I do not want to know you. And there is no way in he11 that I'm giving you my e-mail address.

Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete
, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete... Oh for goodness sakes.

Get a life, you guys. Yes. All the mail is from guys. Is there no other way for these losers to meet women? I've canceled my account. And will never, ever be a part of such asininity again. You want to be a part of Tagged - go for it - I'm not going to bother with a link, though. You can google it. But you've been warned. It is a royal pain in the butt to have to delete that many junk e-mails from one site every single time you open your in-box...

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  1. I am a guy and new to tagged. I get tons of responses from women sending me all kinds of sweet messages. Sometimes even men want to know me...yuuuuk.. It is kind of fun first but wondering if it is also bull shit! How do I know any of the pictures are real.. I will admit I am sure there are a lot of lonely women and men out there but be carful. Anyway not sure about tagged.....


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