Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sears is blocked. Sears!

What the heck has Sears done to its website that it has to be blocked here? Sears. As in Sears Roebuck and Co. I want to look at vacuums. And can't. "Access denied." Unbelievable. Well, no. Not really. There is little that is unbelievable or shocking, here, any more.

I know. I know. Satellite internet. DH keeps saying "we'll see." When the sites he looks at on a regular basis start getting blocked...

A "gang" has been arrested. No number given as to how many are in the "gang" that was "responsible for some 30 acts of kidnapping, assault and robbery." No matter. Let's just be thankful that they are off the streets, now.

Big crack down on the crack pots, lately. Every day another "magic man" is taken off the streets... My gosh. That people fall for this kind of thing... Like a snake oil salesman. In abundance in The Sandbox. [But then one made it to the White House, too.]

PCRC on what should have been their brother's "happiest day in his life."

No happily ever after, here, either. A young woman, 19-years-old, "suddenly fainted... and died" right before she was going to get married.

Nothing like personal responsibility. Remember the young woman that drowned a couple weeks ago? She was in a "no swimming" area, which as previous reports have stated, was clearly marked with signs, and she went into the water anyway. Has anyone considered that the possibility exists that perhaps her going into the water was not an as much of an accident as it has been made out to be? Was she trying to quit living? I don't know. Purely speculation on my part [from a conversation I had with a friend earlier this week]. Either way something terrible happened and she is no longer alive. But how is it the Jeddah Mayoralty's fault? The Saudi Environmental Association [SEA] wants to blame the Jeddah Mayoralty and says "that the location of the drain aperture was in violation of regulations." In response, the SEA's says "The mayoralty must move the drain out to sea and halt the channeling of sewage to avoid similar accidents. The mayoralty will be responsible for anyone falling into the drain." He said. She said. Whatever. Here's the thing, though. This statement: "...the drain was the largest in Jeddah, pumping out over 5,000 cubic meters of rainwater and groundwater per hour." Rainwater and groundwater. Not sewage. All that rainwater and groundwater in one of the driest countries in the world. Umm hmm. Sure.


  1. You may be on to something with the Fatima story. 5,000 cu m/hr is about 22,000 gal/minute or 367 gal/sec. An intimidating current even for the strongest of swimmers. The current was strong enough to carry her almost 300 feet down. The pipe does need to be extended further out to sea to avoid others from geting sucked into the current. It would be interesting to see a video of the area showing the water surface conditions. The place must wreak if a large portion of the flow is sewage.

    I live by the Ohio river. Everyone knows not to swim in it because the currents can suck you down and carry you for miles before resurfacing, if at all. Surely this young lady was aware of the danger. It's not like she was a toddler. I wonder if she had some extra baggage to help her sleep with da fishes?

  2. It was someone else that said that we are all thinking like Fatima "had an accident - and perhaps it wasn't." Got me thinking, though, Tim. Oh, and just so you know - it isn't sewage that is racing out of that pipe. It is groundwater and rainwater!


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