Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Kidney for You!

Back to that episode of Seinfeld... "No soup for you!"

A Saudi man - who of course is not identified by name - married a Filipino woman - and was "hoping to exchange a kidney in addition to wedding vows." Unbelievable. [Ya' know what? Actually, it is quite believable.] Some people will do just about anything, I guess. From an article in Variety News [Alarabiya], "The wealthy foreigner proposed to the woman... in an attempt to bypass the Philippines' strict regulations set up to fight the country's widespread organ trafficking." No mention of whether or not the woman was going to benefit financially from the deal, though, and neither of them has been charged. Pretty stiff punishment could be handed out, as "Foreigners are banned from receiving organ transplants from local donors and organ sales are punishable by up to 20 years in jail."

The man was not successful in his scam and hospital officials refused to do the transplant when they "noticed the couple spoke no common language and had wed only very recently." Good on the hospital for realizing that the man had intentions far more than just being married and living "happily ever after."

[H/T from Findalis. Thanks!]

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  1. You're welcome. Strange things people will do to get a body part.


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