Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sinus Headache, Etc.

Has nothing to do with the constant dust storms lately. Yeah. No way! But I can really, really sympathize with The Boy if this is what it feels like to have constant sinus problems brought on by dust allergies. I don't have dust allergies, but The Boy does. Poor little guy. Just feel like crap today. Eyes are runny. Nose is actually swollen! Big puffy eyes. Headache. Oh my gosh. Had no idea it could feel so miserable. Got up this morning. Had coffee, made breakfast for everyone. Did the morning routine. Head was just throbbing so I went back to bed. Just feels twice as big as it is - and very "dizzying." The throbbing is right behind my eyes. And, to think. The Boy feels like this all the time with the dust...

Nasty - this crap that has been blowing through the air lately. Cannot be good for us to be breathing.

It has been some very odd weather this summer. Temperatures not nearly as hot as usual. Lots of wind - and with the wind - dust. So much for working outside the past week or so. The newspaper reports that the dust storms were supposed to have subsided by today. Still pretty dayum windy out, though. [And you should see what happens to the pool after a dust storm. Just gross.] Staying inside as much as possible until the dust completely settles.

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