Friday, August 01, 2008


Truly I just do NOT understand why reports - DAILY - of traffic accidents on the roads here, resulting in deaths and serious injuries, are not being regarded as "wake up calls" to the authorities who have not only the ability but an obligation to enforce traffic laws to put an end to this. Perhaps that is a bit reaching on my part, that by simply enforcing laws this would cease, but surely there would be fewer accidents and deaths.

There are accidents and there is stupidity. Accidents you can prevent. The same cannot be said for stupidity.

Sounds to me that some discrimination is being instituted with this policy and that ex-pats are being targeted. Do not for a nanosecond even try to tell me that there would be screaming and lawsuits filed instantly if the shoe was on the "other foot" and this were to be happening in the U.S. where anyone with dark hair or a head-scarf was being targeted. But then, I am not out and about, here, at night so I will not need to be concerned...

Three thieves and no mention of their nationality or names. Nor any mention of what it is they were stealing.

Nothing to say to this. Child abuse happens world-wide. And should not be tolerated no matter where it happens or whatever the circumstances. I hope these parents are caught, quickly, and severely punished. Child abuse is a crime that justifies forced sterilization - no matter who or where you are. Who beats a helpless, defenseless infant?!? [Someone that should NEVER, EVER be allowed to have children again, that's who!]

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