Monday, August 04, 2008


Surely there has got to be a way to determine who was driving this car. Are there no records kept on what cars are assigned to municipality workers? Are the cars just kept in a lot with keys in them making them available to any Tom, Dick or Harry Mohammed, Abdullah or Salah who walks by the municipality's lot?

This just sounds nasty. Sewage water used to distill liquor? Nice.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. There has got to be a reason that the 324 job vacancies were not announced - and there has got to be a reason that Saudization has not been implemented with regard to special education positions.

Seems just a bit extreme - selling all your livestock just to watch a Turkish soap opera... I have "clicked" by the television show Noor and actually tried to watch it on occasion. Unfortunately my Arabic is much too basic and I couldn't understand any of what was being said. When I did the "Before" post while redoing the bedroom Noor was on the television in one of my pictures.

Calling BS on this. An innocent child is being used as a pawn in a custody battle and it is just wrong!

And, speaking of BS that is not local... I happened to catch a blurb on Fox News late yesterday afternoon where the grandfather of Caylee Marie Anthony was being interviewed outside the jail where his daughter Casey is being held. The grandfather says that Casey is convinced that Caylee will be home before her birthday in a few days. The more of this saga that I see, the more I am convinced that the whole damn family should be locked up - not just the mother of the little girl - but the grandparents of the little girl. Something terrible has happened to this little girl and I just do not have a good feeling about how it is going to end. The grandparents know - the whole "do a benefit to find Caylee" is nothing but a complete farce. The only victim, here, is the little two - almost three - year-old girl that was missing for an entire month before it was reported!


  1. education here is a joke, don't get me started on special education.

    And that child is dead and the grandparents know it. They just cant bring themselves to really believe their daughter did it. Denial takes on a curious form sometimes.

  2. Agreed, NZ. Haven't had a good feeling about little Caylee since the story hit the news.

    Saw the grandmother on tv, she said "the pieces are coming together." The grandfather can't look anyone in the eye. The mother - Casey - is a nut case who needs some serious help. Unfortunately, the child is no longer among the living.


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