Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I am not even quite sure what a "rest house" is. A temporary kind of hotel, or something? "Three private rest houses raided in Jeddah." The report says that "The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice... confiscated large quantities of liquor, and arrested several men and six African women."

Road carnage. Lots. Here. Here. Here. Here. And, here. The National Human Rights Society [NHRS] is going to "discuss solutions for traffic accidents," though, so the matter will be resolved... Umm. Yeah. Sure it will. Is the NHRS getting paid for their "discussion?" If so, then I want in on it. I've already "discussed" the matter with myself and I have the solution. Fines, arrests, license suspensions, impound vehicles. Six words. And I didn't even have to talk until I was blue in the face and passed out. "Experts have said traffic accidents cost Saudi Arabia SR18 billion [$4,825,737,265.41 in U.S. dollars] every year, which includes damage to public property, compensation to families, and medical treatment. Talal Qasty, member of NHRS will present a study detailing the reasons, suggestions and possible solutions to improve the morality rate on the roads. The Traffic Administration issued statistics stating that one out of three hospital beds is occupied by traffic accident victims. In the last 25 years, 65,000 people were killed in traffic related accidents and 500,000 were injured. Police issued one million traffic violation tickets for speeding as well as crossing red lights."

When? When did police issue one million traffic violation tickets? Over the course of the last 25 years? Exactly what purpose does a "traffic violation ticket" serve? Is it a summons to go to court? Is it a fine? Or, is it nothing more than a useless piece of paper which is issued to a driver who either wads it up and throws it out his car window as the police officer watches or later uses it for toilet paper?

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