Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Humidity is Dreadful

Oh my gosh. It is so humid outside it is about unbearable. The ground is wet - not damp - wet! Thank goodness we only get a short period of it. If it was this hot and humid outside for the entire summer it would be beyond miserable, here. I really wanted to spend the afternoon outside, "working" but that may not happen because it is just so nasty outside. The pool heats up with the humidity - someone explained the "scientific" reason for this to me, but it just made no sense. And when the pool is as warm as it is, it is not either comfortable or pleasant. They make "chillers" that cool pools. I think next year we need to look into getting one.


  1. Come on over to Oman. It stinks (well, not anymore) in Muscat from the Red Tide, but the weather is amaaaaaazing! No humidity - very breezy and in the mid 80's!!!

  2. Sound absolutely lovely, L_O! Wish it were that easy - I could just hop right in my car and drive over...

    Went downtown yesterday - could have sworn I saw a woman driving! My driver said, "No. Not a woman." I still think it was, though...

  3. could have been a woman. They've been spotted in several places taking the kings words litterally. BRAVO.. from Jeddah to Jubail they have been on the road.

    And from what I hear the chillers for the pool is a bit pricey.

    btw how did it go firing your cleaner?

  4. It's insane the price we pay for stuff over here. This afternoon we went to look at Serta mattresses here and the mattress alone was RO765 ($1989). Errrr, I don't remember them costing that much in the states! Sadly, we're buying one and I've been ill ever since.

    I can deal with paying $7 for a box of cereal, but a flipping mattress at that price is insane....


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