Saturday, April 17, 2010

Freak Weather

Blame it on global warming or some such crap. Really it has been bizarre, though. The storms we've been having. Thunder, lightening and heavy rain! Weird. Certainly not what we are used to, that is for sure. And the rain, although quite necessary, makes the patio and the patio furniture a muddy mess. Are they still seeding the clouds here? Or something? It rained for three nights in a row. Always at night... Isn't that a little odd? I don't think it rained again last night, but I could be wrong. Haven't looked outside to see if the patio is a mess. [Nope. I just checked. It didn't rain last night.] Yep. It rained last night. DH was up before I was and he cleaned the patio and patio furniture before I even had my first cup of coffee. [Still jet lagged. Yeah. That's my excuse. And, I'm sticking to it.]

The lightening killed one young man and put another in the hospital. In fairness to Mother Nature the weather isn't so much to blame as much as stupidity. The rain is being blamed for all sorts of injuries and even some PCRC, too. Personal responsibility? Not so much.


  1. It's probably that Icelandic volcano screwing up the weather patterns. Or maybe G*d is trying to drown the Arabs again. If I were you, I'd start building a boat.

  2. Perhaps the kingdom should remember what happens when G-d is angry at them? It would clear up the weather in a heart beat!

    Gen 12:3


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