Monday, April 05, 2010

Almost Up...

Yet again, my time at home has flown by. It always does. I see the doctor one more time this week, then I get on a plane and head back to the Sandbox. I'm ready, though. I miss my DH and my Kids. I've shopped and stimulated the economy in N.C. I have enjoyed all the things I can't have... Bailey's in my morning coffee. Bloody Mary's in the afternoon with cottage cheese and Pringles. A bottle of Sterling Cabernet every night. Ham for dinner. King crab legs. Scallops. BLT's. Yum! In less than a week I'll be home and will not be able to have any of those things until we return in the summer. I will, of course, come back for the birth of Caylee [Cohen?] [the names keep changing]. Not a chance I will miss that. There is a possibility that I will find out the sex of Baby this week. Then I can really do some stimulating of the economy!

Back to regular blogging soon. Sigh. Heavy sigh... Not about the blogging, but about leaving...


  1. Yum, your food sounds delish. I love all those things, well never tried Pringles and cottage cheese before.

    Glad you are healing and will be getting back to your three babies soon, hubby included in that number. Mine would never survive with me gone that long, he can't even boil water. Or that's what he pretends.

    Do you think you will be happy with the results of your surgery?


  2. You MUST try Pringles with cottage cheese. Wash it down with a Bloody Mary. Delish! Am very pleased with the results so far, Debbie. Got to be honest though, didn't realize the "healing" was going to take so long and be this painful... Still quite sore. Duh. Guess that happens when they cut and move muscle.

  3. I just returned from a trip to the USA myself. I wonder how much 'fluff' you got??? I'm curious that way. I had a breast reduction a few years ago which also involved a lift, so I know what you mean about the pain the first few days...and the awkward showers.
    Have a safe trip home!

  4. Just enough to NOT need underwire ever again, JM! Or at least not for another ten years. The whole reason for doing what I did was to defy gravity [and age]. Not trying to be a centerfold or anything like that. Had the doctor done the lift without the "pluff" then I'd still have some sag. Voila. A little "pluff" and no more sag. Who knew?!! I am only slightly larger than I was some many years ago, but of course, the shape is back, again, now. I'm thankful I didn't do the tummy tuck at the same time. It would not have been just pain, but absolute agony!!!

  5. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a huge fan of tits?
    Actually, more of an enthusiast.

  6. Recovery is not like anything that we see on TV or in the movies. In those the patient goes into the procedure in the morning, walks out that same day dressed, no pain, no bruising, no anything. Doesn't work that way.

    Take good care.

    Right Truth

  7. So,,,,
    Are we going to ever see the results?

    BTW there are guys who like saggy boobs.

  8. The X had a reduction before we split up. She had almost two pounds of meat removed.
    God awful painful to move for at least a week. And getting the incisions to heal underneath was a double bitch.


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