Monday, March 29, 2010

He screws up everything!

Plans to go to Charlotte this week to see my DS. And, to meet for the first time his current girlfriend [wife-to-be] and mother of my first Grandchild! Guess who is going to be in Charlotte that day? Yep. The jugearedjackass. He's going to talk about jobs. Can't he do that from the Oval Office? Nope. Instead he is going to make traffic miserable and screw up everything for me on Thursday. Every single day when I don't think I can possibly muster up any more hatred he makes it possible!!!


  1. Er...are you seeing anyone about this rage you have? Not to mention this weird psychosis of yours, believing that the President is purposely targeting you. It's kinda concerning. Perhaps some calming music would help? When I get a bit het up, I find the following really relaxing, check it out:

  2. at least over in the Sandbox, they're straight up unapologetic about being complete $#@1WAW!!.

    this slimy, squirmy icky person makes me ill. the whole 'melodius soothing speaking tones' to soothe the savage breast...



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