Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hard to feel too sorry for the 121 workers that were laid off from Caterpillar in Clayton, N.C., last week. How many of those 121 workers voted for the jugearedjackass? Umm hmm. So, how is that hopenchange working out for you?

Caterpillar's problems don't stop there, though. According to this, Caterpillar [along with a couple other large companies] has said that it will "take a $100 million hit on its first quarter earnings" all thanks to the jugearedjackass and his cronies, Nancy and Harry, shoving their monumental, historical reparations package under the guise of health care reform up our collective butts.

Again, how many employees at Caterpillar, not just in Clayton, but nationwide, voted for the jugearedjackass? How many employees at Deere voted for him? How many employees of AT&T voted for him? You reap what you sow. What is all of this going to do to an already troubled economy? Just you wait and see. Watch us slip further and further into a dismal abyss. What can be done about it? Make sure that anyone who voted for the massive government takeover which amounts to nothing more than redistribution of wealth - reparations - in the guise of health care for everyone in four years or so with new taxes and regulations already passed as law and effective immediately gets voted out on their ass. November 2010 can't get here soon enough. Neither can November 2012 when we can finally throw usurper currently in office out!

America, wake up. Do you realize that we are being laughed at around the world? Man oh man oh man. Did we get screwed. And don't think for a single solitary second that the screwing we are getting is over. Bend over. Don't expect a kiss, first, either. It is only going to get worse!

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