Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time Warner Cable Sucks - Part Two

Who knew there were so many dissatisfied and disgruntled Time Warner Cable customers? Yesterday after I posted Time Warner Cable Sucks [well, it does!], I got a comment from Paul S. who, according to his title, is a member of the "TWC Social Media Support Team." And, why, do you think that a Social Media Support Team is even necessary? Imagine a job where all you do all day long is cruise algores internet looking for sites that have disparaging remarks about the company you work for. Oh my gosh. You couldn't pay me enough. The up side though is that Paul S. does not need any people skills and he could do his job from his bedroom in his Mother's basement if he wanted to. That is the only possible way Paul S. could have found my blog. By typing in certain search parameters. I typed in "Time Warner Cable Sucks" and got 2,360,000 results via Yahoo and 2,190,000 using Bing. Man oh man. That is a lot!

Due to a mistake on Time Warner Cable's part, Mom went two and a half days without the 24 channels she IS paying for. I spent 22 minutes and 20 seconds yesterday afternoon on the telephone with Derrick to resolve the issue. Poor Derrick. My frustration was NOT directed at him and I had to explain that is was not HIM that I was upset with, but I was upset with the lack of competence and compassion clearly absent from customer service woman at the Clayton office on Thursday, and customer service woman's totally inept supervisor. There is nothing Derrick could have said that would convince me that customer service woman didn't phuck up our cable on purpose. She didn't like having to ask her supervisor to have to deal with our situation and she didn't like me or my Dear Sweet Elderly Mother. Customer service woman was totally put out that we had questions, that the social security number was an issue, and that we were not leaving the line until we had some resolution. That old saying, "The customer is always right," does NOT apply at Time Warner Cable.

Derrick did his job well, and found the problem - the technician shut off the cable completely instead of leaving the 24 "Broadcast" channels Mom is supposed to have. Oh, and that 24 channel line up? You've got to be joking! WUVC (Univision). A Spanish station. Along with Telefutura. PC to the max. Make sure illegal aliens get their stations. WRAL is CBS, WUNC is PBS [our tax dollars hard at work to make sure the message from the left is broadcast loud and clear]. WARZ-LP - no clue what that is. WNCN is NBC, WRAZ is FOX [but NOT Fox News!]. Two C-SPAN channels. Great. And two "Public, Educational and Government Programming" channels. Can we call a spade a spade, here? Two "Public, Educational and Government Programming" channels? Indoctrination. Nothing more than indoctrination. The worst of it is that there are THREE home shopping channels. THREE! HSN, QVC and ShopNBC. What a complete waste of time.

Anyway, back to Paul S. The man has got to be busy. With all of those sites to visit between just Yahoo and Bing, "Time Warner Cable Sucks." Just type that in. See what comes up. Even a couple from blogs I have visited in the past such as Brain Shavings, and Right-Thinking from the Left Coast. I'm sure there were others. I was surprised at the amount of "networking sites" [Facebook, Twitter and YouTube] that were covering the same issue. Yep. Paul S. is a busy guy visiting all of those sites to say, "Sorry about the way you have been treated at your local office. I have forwarded your complaint to our Customer Care team in the Carolinas." I guess that is supposed to make everything okay. Do I honestly think that the Customer Care team in the Carolinas gives a rat's ass about the treatment my Mom and I received at the Clayton office on Thursday afternoon? Riighttt... Thanks for visiting, though, Paul S.

We'll see how quickly the cable issue gets resolved, today. Sunday. They are sending out a technician between 10A and 12N. I made a specific request with Derrick, yesterday, that the technician come to our door and see me before he [she?] leaves so I can make sure that the problem is solved. I also requested that a credit be issued for the few days that we go without cable, since we are paying for it. We'll see if that shows up on Mom's next bill [even though I won't be here, then]. And, we'll see how customer service handles our visit to the Clayton office on Monday or Tuesday when we take the box and clicker back, and when Mom tries to change over the social security number from my Dad's to hers. Based on the unequivocally miserable experience we had this past Thursday, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Anyone want to bet that I am not disappointed?

When a company has a monopoly on something then they can do just about anything they want. While I am still here at Mom's, recuperating, I will be checking some other options for her. I understand AT&T is offering some of the services Mom wants and that Dish Network may be a better option for television. Now, I have a mission. Don't you just luv a good mission? Oh, and if anyone has recommendations on options, please do share!


  1. I do know my brother-in-law had something called Wild Blue (unsure if that's exactly correct, I tend to tune out a lot of his yap) and that he had massive problems with it. So while I can't recommend anything positive, I can provide a warning. :)

  2. Screw the Dish. It's only good during clear weather, and will tear the siding/roofing off the house in a stiff wind.

    As for option, I've heard terrible things about FiOS (like how they have to almost remodel the house to get the equipment in), and Optimum Io is s'posed to be pretty decent. Lots of folks around here are looking into Optimum.

  3. We have Direct TV and love it.

    Like in the old days when businesses had "clipping services" what would comb through print media looking for mentions of specific companies, the internet also had folks who look for mentions of their companies.

    My hubby had a similar situation with two music equipment websites he had ordered from and gotten rotten service.

    One didn't seem to care that they had bad service, the other one, after seeing his scathing rant on his blog, the head of the company emailed my hubby, gave him his direct phone number.

    After my hubby called him, he apologized for the bad treatment, and told my hubby the next time he needed to buy any equipment to call him directly with the order and he would make sure that he got the very special deal on it, not matter what the amount. He also made the original order right immediately.

    Now that is a man who is concerned about his company and will get future business.

    So voicing your concerns on the web can get you noticed.

    (My hubby plays with a band as one of his hobbies.)

    Right Truth

  4. From experiance working for them, I've got to say they are the worst company to deal with. In my area, one place pays about $60 for "expanded basic cable" which is about 70 channels, the system over, has the same bill for a $1 less and only has 30. Take the same line up where they have competitioin, your looking at a $30 bill. Just letting ppl in KY know how they will do you!

  5. I HATE Time Warner Cable. I am moving literally three doors down to another apartment and they are charging me $19 for the service change and an extra $49 to install the Internet. So basically just to get back to square one I have to pay $70. I tried to call them yesterday, but they are closed on a Sunday unless you are trying to give them money. The only reason I still use this awful company is that it is my only option besides the dish. I tried the dish a few years ago due to my hatred of Time Warner, but the dish doesn't work in bad weather so I am back to getting raped by TWC.

  6. Time Warner Sucks!!! our apartments have a contract with them so we have no choice but to use their internet, cable, and phone services.
    horrible customer service, horrible service in general. hlaf the time our stuff doesnt work.

  7. We pay for a "Digital Plus Package" which is supposed to include the "Digital SPorts Tier". We get ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA, MLB, but NHL network has never come in. Every time I call them about anything I ask "Why can't I get NHL Network?" I get a different answer every time. Apparently, once you order, all they know is that you have such-and-such a package and once they change their packages (which they seem to do weekly) they can't (and this is still mind boggling to me) even TELL YOU WHAT CHANNELS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET. Now think about that. They have to KNOW what channels you are supposed to get because they show up on your TV. So technologically speaking, there is a node somewhere in the system that knows I am supposed to be getting NHL Network, but their customer service has no ability to bring up a list and verify "Oh, I see you have this channel and that channel". Just package names and premium channels. I don't even want to WATCH NHL Network that often. It just pisses me off that I am supposed to get it and I am not. When you pay as bloody much for cable as we do, youhave the right to at LEAST get what you are paying for.

  8. We recently axed our service with Time Warner..I waited on hold for 25 minutes then got a person who barely spke english and we wnt around and around trying to get him to understand me! A few weeks later a rep. called begging me to start my service again. They suck why couldn't they give me decent service it is only when I cancelled that they were intrested what assholes....

  9. Monserrat: Mr. Hicks, if the equipment increased, your total increased.
    Sam_: how many more months am i in contract?
    Monserrat: The contract is for 2 years.
    Sam_: when does it end?
    Monserrat: You started the contract on 10/27/19
    Monserrat: Then, the contract expires on 10/27/11
    Sam_: that's 10 months of and increase to my contracted price
    Sam_: can i have a statement credit for $30 (3 x 10)?
    Monserrat: The cost for the contract has not increased, the equipment has increased $1.00.
    Monserrat: Once again, the equipment is not included on the price of the package.
    Sam_: can i have a statement credit for $30?
    Monserrat: Why?
    Sam_: for the increase to my total bill
    Monserrat: No, I am sorry.
    Sam_: can you cancel the contract?
    Monserrat: No.
    Monserrat: I need to inform you for cancelling the contract you have, you will need to pay the cancellation fee.
    Sam_: i understand, i don't wish to cancel service just the contract
    Sam_: if i disconnect the equipment and return it will my cable and internet still work?
    Monserrat: In that case, I recommend you to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-892-2253, in order to request the cancellation.
    Monserrat: Due to system restrictions, I am unable to cancel the PLG contract.
    Monserrat: No, I am sorry.
    Monserrat: If you return the cable boxes, you will just get the local channels.
    Sam_: so the package won't work without the equipment?
    Monserrat: That is correct Mr. Hicks.
    Monserrat: I am sorry for the delay.
    Monserrat: Do you have any other questions or concerns that I can assist you with today?
    Sam_: yes

  10. Sam_: I've had it for quite a while, the buttons are starting to wear down, can't read them anymore.
    Alvaro: You can swap it at your local cable store without any charge.
    Sam_: I don't mind because I always use it but if I have guests over and they want to change from the TV to Cable function they can't see what to push.
    Sam_: Can I have one mailed out?
    Alvaro: Yes, but we would charge for the new remote. So, that is why I recommend you to visit the store.
    Sam_: I'll mail back the old one.
    Sam_: I'm agouraphobic, I can't go out of the house without intense anxiety.
    Sam_: Its a medical condition.
    Alvaro: We do not have a mail exchange program. You can send someone with a color copy of your ID.
    Sam_: Could you credit my account for that?
    Sam_: I don't have a color copier
    Alvaro: No, I cannot.
    Sam_: Not even for a medical condition
    Sam_: ?
    Sam_: That's harsh.
    Sam_: How much is the charge?
    Alvaro: I am sorry, you can send someone with your ID.
    Alvaro: The charge is $19.95 (including the shipping).
    Sam_: Just give it to them?
    Sam_: And be without it?
    Sam_: Is it going up a dollar after the end of the year?
    Sam_: Do you recommend friend or family to take my ID?
    Alvaro: It is up to you. Regarding to the increase, we do not know that yet.
    Sam_: Oh no, can I order now? I still have 20 minutes, right?
    Sam_: Can you tell me where the nearest office is to me?
    Sam_: I might send my running partner, I think i can trust him.
    Sam_: Is it open right now?
    Alvaro: There is no increase for that.
    Alvaro: Here is the start:

  11. Alvaro: Location: TIME WARNER CABLE STORE
    Newbury Park
    5 miles
    Address: 2323 Teller Road
    Newbury Park, CA 91320
    Hours: M-F 8:30am - 5:30pm, Sat 9am - 5pm
    Sam_: Are they open tomorrow?
    Alvaro: Yes.
    Sam_: On New Years Day, awesome.
    Sam_: Does the new remote come with batteries?
    Alvaro: Yes.
    Sam_: Do I have to turn in the old one with batteries? If I can get Greg to go and exchange it for me.
    Alvaro: You just have to return the remote.
    Sam_: Not me but Greg.
    Alvaro: Sure.
    Sam_: Almost there Alvaro.
    Sam_: Oh no, I just the whole thing
    Alvaro: Do you have any other questions or concerns that I can assist you with?
    Sam_: If I move, can i transfer my service?
    Alvaro: Yes, you can.
    Sam_: what if Time Warner doesnt offer service in that area?
    Sam_: what if its just Charter and their crappy service
    Sam_: or Verizon
    Sam_: or AT T but no Time Warner
    Alvaro: There is nothing we can do. We if do not offer our services there, we cannot provide the service.
    Sam_: Do you offer an exchange program?
    Alvaro: No.
    Sam_: Like move to a similar service with them.
    Sam_: What if I'm still in contract?
    Sam_: Cancellation fees?
    Alvaro: No cancellation fees if we do not provide our services there.
    Sam_: Okay Alvaro, I got to get back to my party. 4 minutes to the new year!!
    Sam_: any credits to my account?
    Alvaro: No credits. Happy new year.
    Sam_: Hope this was worth the 3 bucks, happy new year!!!
    Alvaro: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Sam_: nope, thank you
    Alvaro: It is a pleasure.

  12. Alvaro: Again, my name is Alvaro. Thank you for chatting with Time Warner Cable. We value you as a customer and are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to take a brief survey please click on End Session and the survey will load.
    Alvaro: Good night.
    Alvaro: Analyst has closed chat and left the room

  13. And when the channels you have always had aren't there, they can't look it up because Argentina doesn't have access as the system is backing up.

    Don't get me started on the rude, insolent, low-IQ people in the local office. Nice public face, TWC!

    Can't wait until Egypt hits Corporate America...

  14. As a former employee of TWC, I can assure you they do not care about the customer. I say that as a rash generality, there are reps that do care, they are just few and far between. We were graded on saying the "magic words", not on customer resolution. You have slow internet? Send a tech, even if we knew it was an area that is over utilized. Bad cable signal? Send a tech, even though the lines in the area are 40 years old and need replacing.

    Until the money is spent in training and infrastructure rebuild, you will always get decent, but consistently mediocre service. It's sad, but true.

  15. I think the only thing I can say is DOH! That was quite the blog post. One thing you can say for Paul though is at least he has job security, lol. I work for DISH network, also subscribe, and I love it, from the sounds of it, your mom only wants a basic package, DISH has a family package that has like 40 family oriented channels for 24.99. That is the normal price, no promo price, and the Top 120 package is normally 44.99 a month but during the first year you will get 15.00 off per month. The family package isn't available for the promotion unfortunately. Hope this info helps, and if that had been a DISH network response rep, they wouldn't have forwarded it to anyone, they would have taken care of it with you.


  17. Yes, it is true. They really do suck. They do not inform their customers of planned outages. Really helpful when you have a business depending on their internet services...

    But the main problem is the vertical integration they have been allowed to develop. Everything from production through delivery to the home. I had thought we learned at earlier times in our history of the risks of vertical integration. It leads to, imagine this, poor service at high prices. Sound familiar?

    Tell your member of Congress you want more aggressive antitrust enforcement against these behemoth, we could care less about our customers because we can, companies like Time Warner.

  18. I HATE TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS.. I run a very small computer web design company. These clowns are virtually running me out of business,, every time I turn around I am either having NO SERVICE or a BILLING ISSUE with all these extra charges. MY DREAM,,, LIVE WITHOUT TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS.. and they wonder why small businesses are failing, this month..685 bucks for service.. what do I have ONE STINKING COMPUTER AND ONE PHONE (LOCAL CALLS )

  19. I am in awe at how bad the service is. And their constant mantra "We are sorry and we do want to take care of our customers" makes it really annoying.
    There are a lot of businesses that do care about customers UP to the line THEY draw. That way they feel good about saying that they care. In my opinion Time Warner has drawn the line right at their front door. They will not go any further.
    All of us unhappy people are going to be looked at by them as irrational and impossible to please.
    I feel like I am carrying the lantern looking for 1, just 1 good company that really does care.

  20. I agree. Time Warner has the worst customer service ever. They cant say anything except "sorry, I cant do anything" I am not yet even a customer although I was supposed to have an installation that has now been put off 22 days because they cant get an appointment for me. How SAD is that. Yes Time Warner Sucks but I have no choices where I live.

  21. what needs to be done is a congressional hearing limiting the influence and monopolizing of internet access by big conglomerate corporations like time warner cable. Time warner cable has a monopoly on the south eastern major cities as well as other cities around the country. time warner cable does not care about their customers because they are the only ISP available. That makes them unresponsive and arrogant to the needs of the customer. I vote to ban the monopolizing of any region, service, or product. this isn't the 1920s were companies that offer a service are the sole providers. ISPs should be able to market and provide their services anywhere they seem fit and not be limited by restricted boundaries. maybe then these shitty internet service providers would increase their customer service and quality. Time Warner has a Monopoly on several areas because of legislation that will not allow other ISPs to enter the area. ban the legislation and Impose Government Legislation on Time Warner Cable Company.

  22. Roland openshaw7/13/2011 07:16:00 AM

    They are really bad.

    Twice they have not turned up for installation appointments, so I am out two days pay. Customer service blamed me of course. One customer service agent said that he had a record that they called my alternate number before canceling the appointment, and his supervisor told me that no alternate was on file and denied that I had ever registered an alternate number with them.

    I hate them with a passion.




  26. I'm tired of arguing with these low life's. Now they'll find out i own a sign making and screen printing busniess. I'm going to make free TIME WARNER CABLE SUCKS shirts and signs and hand them out at the local mall. How do you like me now?


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