Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chia Pets

Is the jugearedjackass Chia Pet still available? I need to get a couple when I'm in the States next month. One will go to a family member who voted for him - probably for Christmas [it is never too early to start shopping for Christmas - there are only 285 days!]. And, it would be good to have a couple over here on the ready for gag gifts when you need them. I mean, after all, what else has the man done that is worth anything more than a gag gift? Oh, he's a gag gift, alright. A joke. And the joke is on us!


  1. If all else fails try
    (This is "" for those whose ISP/DNS does not resolve that address)

    Chia pet Obama

    Lots of results. Probably available via Amazon.

  2. If all else fails -

    Go to (or
    chia pet Obama

    Probably available via Amazon: add it/them to next shipment to save ship/handling costs.

  3. Regret the double post.

    Also sorry if I come across as condescending. Not what I meant. OTOH, I am still surprised about how many people do not know about Froogle.

    In the US, too, many chain drugstores nay have a few of these left.

    Not sure if Archie ships internationally: I don't actually buy there, just browse for a chuckle -

    Oh, and Amazon extra: ever need just a couple of bucks more to qualify for free shipping?
    Could be slightly vetter, searching for $7.25 will not show $6.95 items... But considering that would mean thousands more items...


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