Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rice Terraces, Volcano and Waterfall

Some random photos from Bali. More tomorrow with the politically incorrect "stuff."

Rice Terraces [which are beautiful, by the w
ay, so lush and green...]

The view of a rice paddy at a restaurant famous for its fresh "Crispy Duck." [Look closely. Those little tan "specks" that look like rocks, or something, are ducks.]

The volcano.

Git Git Waterfall.

Note to anyone going to Bali in the future: Do not wear high-heeled wedge sandals to Git Git Waterfall no matter just how fabulous they are and no matter how perfectly they match your outfit. Opt for sensible shoes, instead. The half mile path to the waterfall is a bit rugged.


  1. Oh, how lovely!

    All this and Crispy Duck, too? Must be Heaven!

  2. JoA-Your comment shows like it was posted. My site says it is here... But? Not showing. Having problems with Blogger ever since I logged onto it with the laptop. Probably never should have done that.

  3. Beautiful pictures, I would love to visit.

    Sensible shoes always win out on vacation.

    Right Truth


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