Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Alcohol, to purchase in Bali, is not cheap. [Cheaper than where we live, though! And certainly more abundant and actually available.] It took me a while to get the money down. It is just so odd. 1,000,000 IDR is $100.00 USD. 100,000 IDR is $10.00. So the 358,000 IDR for a bottle - small fifth of Smirnoff - that's $35.80! How much is it in the States? $15.00, maybe? At most?

Interestingly enough, we saw Smirnoff and Stolichnaya - both pricey - and two unknown brands to me, Vibe and something I cannot recall, but not a single bottle of Absolut. How is it then, that we saw so many Absolut bottles? Not a single one of them filled with the real thing. [Not that it would matter, I've boycotted the brand since they did their adverting campaign advocating for open borders.] Nope. They are all filled with petrol, gasoline, at little stands EVERYWHERE for people to fill the tanks of their scooters and motorbikes. [Apparently Bali vacationers don't drink Absolut, either. Good. And to the locals? The only thing Absolut is good for is filling the bottles with gas.]

It is worth noting that there is a local Bali vino, Hatten, which has a web site that I, of course, cannot get to because Websense blocks anything having to do with tobaccoandalcohol products [as if they don't exist if you can't view them on the internet!]. The local vino was okay. Just okay. Nothing to write home about. I did drink a few bottles, though, but more often than not, when I could, I choose to indulge in something else. Vino is a personal taste. There may be others who think that it was just great. Me? Like I said. Just okay.

Ohh! And this menu. Had to take a picture.

Triple xes in the Long Island Ice Tea? Or how about a Scrudriver? I actually had an Illusion. Nothing to write home about. Give me a Mojito or just plain old vodka and club soda, any day.

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  1. Margarita is my drink, maybe a martini, screwdriver, Mojito, sometimes a whisky sour.

    The vodka you bought was probably more expensive than in the US. Of course it always depends on the brand. We just bought a different brand, can't remember off the top of my head, and it was $19.00. With Vodka you can get a cheaper bottle and not really notice the difference.

    When it comes to rum or especially tequila, you don't want to scrimp on something cheap. You don't have to get the most expensive, but something middle or above priced is best.

    I like CHIMAYO tequila, which is Mexican and cannot be bought just anywhere near us. The small bottle, not sure the exact amount in it, is $19.99. We live in a dry county, so we must drive to another county to purchase alcohol.

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