Sunday, March 28, 2010

Phew! I did it just in time.

So plastic surgery in the States is going to be taxed five percent, after all. Thought that tax was supposed to be removed from the debacle bill of reparations and distribution of wealth because it was going to be an invasion of privacy between plastic surgeons and patients. Apparently the tax is still in there. We were lied to? No! My surgery was done before the bill became law so I am exempt. This time. If I do any further work it will be done elsewhere. Thailand has "vacation surgery" packages where you can have work done for less than half of what it costs in the States and where you will be pampered at a resort, afterward, for the duration of your healing and recovery process. Personally, I know I will do everything in my power that can legally be done to not pay a single penny more into the system. How soon do you think we will see plastic surgeons feel the effect of this? I'm guessing it isn't going to take long.


  1. thinking their fees will just increase accordingly.....and so will the propaganda targeted toward other those "other" healthcare systems.....

  2. You were really lucky you got that done before the Band Aids and Eyedrops for Freeloaders bill got signed, because not only would the surgery have been taxed -- but your implants would have bee as well. Individually.

    They count as "Surcial Appliances".

    Oh, and just in case you missed it while you were over here enjoying the last vestiges of a free-market Health Care System, Conservative In the Closet put up a post this weekend about how breast implants are soooo passe. I saved it for ya!

  3. You are probably right, Lynne. It will all just be part of the price.

    Soft and real are fine, Matthew, unless they are so soft they sit like pancakes on your chest and fall down to your armpits when you lay down and hang down to your tummy when you are sitting or standing up. I didn't do this to increase the size. I did it to put them back where they were originally - before gravity and age moved 'em.

  4. Stop, writing things like that, turns me on.


  5. I know one personally that will move offshore, to some warm islands South of the US, but close enough to Florida for a quick plane or boat cruise to his office.

    Right Truth

  6. lol great now i'm never going to get my nose done..ughhdsofihsdhoif


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