Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sounds to me like someone's upset...

...about the win, or loss, depending on how you look at it. I didn't watch the Oscars. I am glad Hurt Locker won over Avatar. I haven't seen either movie. Not really true, I saw part of Avatar - like a single five-minute scene. I have no interest or desire to watch the whole movie.

Yahoo was running one of their "headlines," something to the effect, "Best Dressed at the Oscars," and showed someone, Miley Cyrus, someone and someone. Why do I remember Miley Cyrus? Because Yahoo identified her as Sarah Jessica Parker. Even I knew it wasn't SJP. Miley, by the way, what are you, 17? You looked 35 in that gown with that updo. Slow down, honey. You've got plenty of time to play grown-up left ahead of you.

So I clicked on to see how the "stars" dressed and what "grades" they were given for their choices. This irks me. Not the dress - although it isn't the most lovely gown at the ball, by any stretch, but the fact that whoever did the commentary and issued the grade said this, "Can you believe James Cameron's Amazonian ex is 58?!" Was it really necessary to call Ms. Bigelow "Amazonian?" No. I don't think so. And I don't think she deserves a "D," either. A "B." The color doesn't do much for Ms. Bigelow, but the dress itself is okay. Navy blue would have been a better choice of color. So, because Avatar didn't win, and Hurt Locker did, she got called "Amazonian." I think she is an attractive woman and she looks absolutely fabulous for 58!

Look at some of those other frocks? Demi Moore, what were you thinking? SJP, yellow isn't really your color. What were their grades? A far cry above Ms. Bigelow's "D," I bet. See? Even the Oscars is political and if the left doesn't win, they start name calling. What is that, page 5 out of Saul Alinsky's handbook?


  1. Considering that most of that commentary isrobably written by a bunch of cranky gay men who's real beef is that they can't wear something like that in public without getting beat up or made fun of, I would tend to discount anything they have to say on the subject.

    Remember, when it comes to gay marriage the crux of the argument is about love or the sacriment, It's all about the dress.About some great queen getting to wear a fancy dress and play Cinderella for a day.

    It's always about jealousy!

    She got panned for her dress because they all secretly want to wear it.

  2. Amen micheal. I will now quote from "What would tyler durden do?":


    Vanessa Hudgens wore one of her awesome backless dresses to the Vanity Fair party last night, and this one had a plunging neckline too. It showed twice the skin, making it twice as awesome. Her date Zac Efron (not pictured) could barely contain himself when he first saw it, and couldn’t wait to get her out of it. But eventually they agreed that Vanessa should be the one to wear it, and although disappointed, Zac understood that it wasn’t time yet.

  3. Ahh, my TWO male readers both commenting on the same post.

    Nothing to add to the previous post about breasts, vd? According to Matthew talking about them does not make men squeamish - anything, but, according to him...

    I don't know what test it was that he had, but I still say it cannot possibly be as bad as having ONE breast at a time flattened under a steam roller!!! First from top to bottom, and then again from side to side. Yeouch!

  4. Avatar was not that bad. If the special effects were not there, I'd have fallen fast asleep. Hurt Locker? I gave it a C+ if anything.

  5. I ditto the Matthew on the gay guy takes....
    and ditto you on the mammo roller.


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