Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rumor? No, truth.

Someone, not to long ago, said to DH, "You know they are going to completely redo Dhahran Highway and put it underground." DH, responded, "Are you serious? That is going to be a nightmare." Well, it's true. That is what they are going to do. The work has already started. Trips downtown? They will be few and far between. As if being on the roads here in The Sandbox isn't horrific enough!

Anyone who ever experienced the project in Boston, Massachusetts, known as "The Big Dig" knows exactly what kind of nightmare this is going to be. We lived in New Hampshire until 1998; I had the unfortunate pleasure of commuting 60 miles, one-way, to and from work in Concord, N.H., to Boston, MA, for a couple of years - the whole while the "Big Dig" was taking place. Good times. Not. I was not alone. DH did the commute a couple of times a week the whole time we lived in NH going back and forth, commuting from Logan Airport to RDU in Durham, N.C., a couple of times a week for work.

Good grief. What genius decided that this was necessary?

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