Saturday, March 13, 2010

Make Your Weekend A Three Day'er

Yep. Turn any two-day weekend into a three-day weekend. Want to know how? Have someone in your family feign illness and go to one of the medical facilities. Since women are not allowed to drive in The Sandbox, that means the man of the family will have to take a day off from work to take the sick woman or sick child. And, since you know you are going to be there for a while, make it an outing. Bring the whole family! Including the maid. Heck, even the maid deserves an outing once in a while doesn't she? Couldn't possibly leave the maid home with all the other children. Nope. Does not work that way. Everyone gets to go.

What is interesting is how there are so few sick people on Thursday and Friday. Why is that? Because that is the same as Saturday and Sunday, in the States, and no one here wants to miss a single minute of the weekend. But come Saturday morning, the equivalent of Monday morning in the States, man oh man oh man are there a bunch of sick people!

I spent twenty minutes this morning driving around looking for a parking spot. I was willing to walk a distance, didn't need one of the "no parking this is the curb" spaces that others were taking. After driving and driving and driving, virtually in circles, I gave up, came home and walked to the clinic. [I had other errands to run, or I would have walked in the first place. I just need to collect records.] The throngs of people there today were amazing. Honestly, as bad as parking has been in the past, and I've been to the clinic on some pretty busy days, I have never seen it like it was today. Is there something going around? We know it isn't swine flu, because that comes from pork and there is no pork allowed, here. And, besides, it was just a made up epidemic by the jugearedjackass and his cronies who need every opportunity to not waste a crisis.

Nowhere in the entire hospital / speciality clinic area was there an empty chair for waiting. Not a single one. Unbelievable. Really! Really - do you need to bring the entire family and the maid when only one person in the family is sick? Why?! Are you afraid that the maid will harm your children if you don't bring them and leave them with her? Why does one man need to bring three adult women with him? Never mind. I know why. They must all be treated equally - two cannot possibly be left behind when one is sick because the one that is sick might get a coffee and a donut and it would not be fair to the two who didn't get to go to the clinic. Or something.

Yeah. Good times this morning. Good times.

But to come home and find the pool guy looking for the chlorine tablets that he LEFT OUTSIDE yesterday... Icing on the cake. You have a key to the gate, why didn't you bring them inside and put them in the pool room, dumbass? I'm not paying for that batch of chlorine tablets and now you need to get another batch and I want to see the receipt. Remember a month ago the pool had to be emptied because the light had filled up with water? Rev did a most fabulous job repairing it and now, the pool light is filled with water, again, and will need to be emptied so the light can be repaired. I called a friend who has a pool. Rev is not their pool guy and we need someone else.

Surrounded. I am surrounded... Going home to the States, shortly, probably won't be a whole lot better. Going to be surrounded, there, too. By all the people that voted for hopenchange. How's that working out for you folks, anyway? That umployment check you're getting? Sure, you'll be special in that you'll get two years of benefits when that is not what unemployment was ever intended to do. Remember how he was gonna take care of all of you if you voted for him? Umm hmm. You are about to get the worlds biggest butt reaming with his healthcare takeover. You voted for him, you deserve the reaming. But leave the rest of us out of it. We didn't vote for him!


  1. Saudi has almost 3500 Swind Flu cases and 20 deaths:


  2. I'm curious, Sabra. How are you able to drive, if women are not allowed to drive over there?

    All this shit fasinates me.

    And, Daniel? If there are / have been that many cases of "Swind" Flu AND deaths, how is it being contracted?


  3. Daniel - My comment about swine flu was "snark." You should have seen how fast pork was eliminated from the shelves in grocery stores in a neighboring country! We still can't get good bacon, because everyone on this side of the world is convinced that that is how you get swine flu.

    jw - I can drive on my compound - about a five mile square area that is completely walled in. It is one of the only places where women can drive in The Sandbox. I am not allowed to leave the compound, however, behind the wheel of a vehicle. Passenger status, only. The hospital and clinic are on the compound.

  4. JW - "how is it being contracted?"

    Just like most other places I guess: Infected people bringing the virus into the country.

    Sabra: I totally missed your implied sarcasm! I'm in Oman and pork is available in some supermarkets and one shop ( that I know of). You probably know all that anyway by following AIO.

    Take care,


  5. Forgot about AIO's pork belly with the little protrusion(s) until you reminded me, Daniel. Now that was funny.

  6. You're a really unhappy woman. Wow. All of your posts are so negative.


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