Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SOS Different Day

Like I expected anything to change? No. I guess I didn't. Another maid is dead. How many have to die? Never mind. Rhetorical question, really. Maids are a dime a dozen - whoever sponsored her will just import another one from some third world country. Interesting, though, isn't it, how many maids die fleeing their sponsors? Why on earth would a maid want to do that!

Something's going on, or something happened while I was gone. Last night coming from Bahrain to Saudi the Customs inspection was backed up [shocker!]. Saudi officials were checking everything and everyone. It is the first time I've experienced having them open the spare tire well in the trunk of my cab. Not that I had to worry about them inspecting my luggage since it never got on the plane with me in New York. [Business Class ticket on Qatar! $3,500.00 for a ticket and this is what happens. Yes. I am pissed. Beyond pissed. I am furious. My luggage NEVER even got on the plane? Wonder how many items will mysteriously go missing since it sat in JFK Airport all night/day. And, I wonder how Qatar is going to rectify this situation for me.] So, Customs officials thoroughly checked the cab I was in, including the side panels of the car. What, exactly, are they looking for? Do they think I am stupid? Blonde, yes. But not stupid. There is not a chance I would risk smuggling booze in, or any other contraband for that matter. I can only imagine that that is what they were looking for since they did such a thorough search. I mean, come on, it isn't like I'm going to try to smuggle a firearm in or something like that. I wouldn't even know where to get one on this side of the world. Whatever. But clearly someone has been caught bringing something in or they wouldn't be searching like they are searching.

Let's just call a spade a spade, shall we? Misyar marriage is nothing other than legalized prostitution. Social necessity? No. I don't think so. Pluheeze. Because there are so many spinsters? Gimme a break. How many spinsters can there possibly be when every man is entitled to four wives?

Yep. Same old same old same old. You'd think I would have a better attitude after just spending almost a month in the States getting it adjusted. I don't. Have to say that I was very, very, very happy to see my Kids and DH, though. And to sleep in my own bed again. Will be busy today doing laundy and cleaning up around here. DH did one load of darks while I was gone and there is a mountain of laundry to be done. I do mean a mountain! Off I go to get started on that. Pain in the butt is what it is because I have to fill the washer by hand with a big pitcher. 18 pitchers, per load. Twice. So it is really 36 pitchers, per load. First to wash, then to rinse. Just one of those little things that I didn't miss at all while I was home because I didn't have to worry about the salt water destroying my clothes. Here in The Sandbox we have salt water. There is one tap in the kitchen that has what is called "sweet" water [desalinated] and it is what we use for drinking water and it is the same tap that goes into the dishwasher, supposedly, so we have dishes that aren't washed in undrinkable water which is a good thing. It is also the same tap that I have to use to wash my hair and to brush my teeth. Just another one of those things that I didn't even think about once while I was gone and just another one of those little annoyances which are a part of my daily life here. Ahh. Welcome home!


  1. So, let me get this straight. You were away for a month, during which you underwent surgery. In that whole time your husband did a grand total of ONE load of washing? Then left the remainder for you to do on your return?

    What a Clown.

  2. No, not really Sarah. He is not a Clown. I expected the laundry. It would be fair to say that there is a division of household duties in our relationship. The laundry is mine to do and I am far too fussy about the way it is done, how it is folded and hung, etc., that at this point he just depends on me to do it. Even the one load he did do? It was laying flat on the dining room table waiting for me to fold and hang and take care of it. Doing laundry for my husband is not a complaint. I do it with a happy heart.

  3. On only washing one load of clothes, my first thought was "Gee, he must have a huge wardrobe if he did not need to wash clothes for 30 days".

    I'm not sure my hubby would even know how to turn the machine on, ha. He does nothing around the house, but as you say I don't mind it. I have my own way of doing things, and he would never do them to suit me.

    I hope you get all your luggage back.

    Expensive plane ticket, plus the cost of your surgery, hospital etc. I'm sure your insurance did not pay any.

    Right Truth

  4. Sorry to hear this, Sabra. I've been there before (Bahrain) with lost luggage at the airport.

  5. That's fair enough, Sabra. Different strokes and all that. I had this image of you coming home exhausted and still in pain and then being faced with all that laundry - didn't seem fair. Glad it's all OK though. I certainly understand the fussiness over doing certain chores the way you like to do them!

    Hope you get your luggage back soon. I've had that happen to me a few times and it's not fun!

  6. Sarah, I can understand 100% where you are coming from on that and I do appreciate that you had that image. I am exhausted. I am still in some discomfort if I try to do things I'm not supposed to do - walking The Kids yesterday was a mistake, even though DH had The Boy and I had The Baby. [It wasn't a mistake. It was stupidity on my part...] I didn't even have the arm strength to scrub a pan yesterday afternoon! So there are some things that I typically do that DH is going to have to step up to the plate and do for me for a couple more weeks. I am not nearly in the pain I was, though, and that is a very good thing. And, I got my luggage last night. See today's post. Again, I really DO appreciate how you were thinking, and you are actually quite right. It doesn't seem fair. But, then, life isn't always fair, and my doing laundry is just the way that it is.

  7. Glad all went well with your "procedure" and you got to meet the "baby-bump" while you were home. Welcome back


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