Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh My Gosh. Big Crimp in Plans. BIG! Updated.

KLM has will NOT fly The Boy home. They will take The Baby, but not The Boy. I am working on it right now. This will change absolutely everything. I am in a panic!

Update: Crisis is no longer a crisis. Panic is no longer a panic. You cannot imagine, though, the PANIC that set in for a few minutes...

KLM said they couldn't fly The Boy due to the "embargo." The "embargo" doesn't start until May 15th and my return ticket is for June 7th. Ahh, The Kids are not returning with me. I am returning alone. So, clearly a misunderstanding, there. KLM also thought they were flying The Baby in the Business Class cabin, with me [which, in The Baby's mind, no doubt, is where she, too, ought to be]. I made it clear when I got the ticket that I have a STANDARD Poodle, not a "little" Poodle. The person that did my ticket must have misunderstood because he had The Poodle flying under the seat in front of me. Works for me! Can I get the seat next to me for The Boy, please?

There is going to be a little stress, here. Gee. 'Ya think? Getting The Kids out and home safely will be my number one priority, though, and whatever else happens, happens. No sense in stressing over things I have no control over. Quite frankly, if NONE of our personal effects make it to the States and The Kids DO make it to the States? I can live with that. I really can. I can buy a new couch, or replace shoes. The Kids CANNOT be replaced and The Kids are really a very big part of what has kept me sane on this side of the world.

I will contact Delta / KLM again tomorrow to confirm that The Kids WILL be going home on the same flight that I go home on.


  1. British Airways takes pets, I believe. Do they fly out of Sand Flea Heaven?

  2. I've followed your blog for a long time now and really enjoy it. And I'm glad you're going home (though disappointed about not being able to look forward to your posts.) What are your other options? Did they fly him on the way over? Good luck. (And congratulations on your new grandson.)

  3. Matthew if you knew the paperwork and restrictions BA has, you would find it daunting.

    Mary - Crisis averted. See my update. [Yes, KLM flew him over.] And thanks much for the congrats on Grandson! I am so excited about THAT I can barely stand it!!!

  4. It will work out. Just start counting down the days.

  5. What embargo?

    And I'm glad you're coming home for good....

  6. Already doing so, Findalis, and doing one thing at a time. No sense stressing over "stuff" I have no control over. The Boy issue? That was stress enough for one afternoon!!!

    Dogs are not allowed to fly in and out of the Middle East from May 15 to September 15, Janice, due to extreme heat. That is why I had to get The Kids out before then and that is why I am leaving so quickly. Otherwise, we stay until September...

  7. Gosh! A new chapter in your life! I'll miss your 'inside scoops'.

    A boy - Lovely! (except LOL you probably won't experience the joy of dressing him up like a little fat fairy just for fun - yes, with a tutu and wings! - like i have done my little feminine grand-bundle-of-joy!


  8. I'm so glad you got that fixed. I cannot imagine going through that with our Penelope the Beagle.

    Right Truth

  9. Your fortitude will prevail woman. One last sand trap to get out of....
    You'll get those babies home....
    and congrats on you beautiful new miracle...grandma!


  10. good luck on your big move. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  11. Glad that you are coming 'home' and I look forward to your posts from this side of the pond.

    Remember to breathe.


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