Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did What I Did For Good Reason

We're back. I did a bunch of posts and then scheduled them to put themselves up. We got home at 3:30 this morning. I've had all of two hours of sleep. I am still "rocking." We've been off the ship for a full three days, now, but I can still feel the motion of the waves. It is very weird. And not in a good way, either. We had a blast! Best vacation ever!!! It was absolutely wonderful. I've got a ton of pictures. And, am hopeful that I share ALL of them - not just the ones on "my" camera. My little card thingy that you stick in the camera to hold the pictures was full about a third of the way through our vacation, so I then had to resort to using only the "new" camera. There has got to be a way. I am just going to have to learn how to get to them. We went to Athens and spent a couple of days there before getting on a cruise which took us to Santorini [Greece], Kusadasi [Turkey], Rhodes [Greece], Bodrum [Turkey], Mykonos [Greece] and then got off the cruise in Istanbul. Lots and lots and lots of walking. Wanted to see EVERYTHING and think that even though we did not see everything - it would be impossible in the allotted time - we saw a lot... Experiences to be shared, here, later.

This is why I don't post when I'm coming and going:

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen you around the camp before...you're that white trash republican bitch. I could point a white trash racist republican bitch from a mile. So Jon Voigt..fuckin Jon Voigt…. is the new republican hero now, wow....just wow...amazing. So lets see who the republican luminaries are now, sean hannity, rush limbaugh, newt gingrich, glenn beck, michelle malkin (I cant fuckin believe he mentioned her name), and jon voigt...ahh this puts a huge smile on my face since I am sure the fucking racist party is going down...as we say in Arabic, good ridding to the permanent trash in history.

I’ve told you this before…get the fuck out of our country, you are not fuckin welcome in here…god damn fuckin bitch…I welcome all the open minded and respectful foreigners in here (including the true representation of Americans…not you you scum of earth) as you wouldn’t wont any racist and disrespectful..ohh wait you’re a racist bitch yourself….so I guess you wouldn’t have a problem having racist scumbags like you living where you live..just as long as they like the same thing you like (which is basically your kind) and hate everything else that’s not you. That’s the official motto for the modern republican party.

Going to our Security Office this morning with the IP address that I think that lovely little gem of a message came from. Probably the same guy who made threatening comments a couple of years ago when I removed a bunch of photos from my blog and turned comment moderation on. We will see... Isn't modern technology wonderful?!!


  1. what a creature. ew.

    ~ ShyAsrai

  2. wow...there ARE some lulu's out there .....

  3. Oh my ... Someone obviously got out of bed the wrong way on that day.

    Glad you enjoyed your hols, looking forward to the pics.

  4. WOW, just WOW!

    Isn't that a nice homecoming gift!

    And to think this asshat knows where you live and who you are. Frightening....

    Oh Sabra I do hope they catch this cretin and charge him with something.

  5. One more thing; not only is this person an angry threat, they're ignorant as well.

    It's spelled VOIGHT!

    Do you know if the email is from the "religion of peace" or the "party of the people"?

  6. What a jacka$$. Sounds like a typical, cowardly Obamessiah supporter.

  7. First WELCOME BACK Sabra, I will read the other posts next but I wanted to say hi here first. I love how you write so much and you make a person feel like they are right there experiencing things with you.

    Sabra, that is one horrible person that wrote that. I am glad your checking on the IP address. The person sounds jealous, VERY jealous and hateful and yes like someone else said an Obama person for sure. These kinds of things always need to be taken seriously just in case.

    Stay safe and so glad your back from your holiday.


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