Tuesday, June 02, 2009


But I'm a good sport. I'll play. Steve at Welcome to House Harkonnen tagged me. And, yes. I was surprised. When I read his post I honestly expected that he would be tagging someone else. Never thought I'd be "it." I need to list "8 random thoughts." I can do that. Provided none of the "8 random thoughts" have to be "8 random deep thoughts."

1) I used to tell myself "you can never be too rich, too thin, or too blonde." So far, I've only been able to be one of those. Now I tell myself that "you can never be too rich, too thin, too blonde or have too many pairs of shoes." I will never be too rich or too thin. I have the blonde thing going, and I will never have too many pairs of shoes. There is no such thing, in my opinion, as having too many pairs of shoes. I rarely - if ever - pass a shoe store without going in to at least just look. [It is a bad day, indeed, when, while I am in the States, if I go shopping I do not buy at least one pair of shoes at either Nordstrom, SRI Shoe Warehouse or DSW. It is an even worse day, if, when I am wandering around the internet, here, and I click on Zappos or Endless I exit one of those sites without either adding something to "save for later," or purchase it right away.]

2) I am thinking about what I need to be packing for our upcoming vacation to Athens, the cruise of the Greek Isles and visit to Istanbul - and I need to revolve my entire wardrobe around shoes - and get it all into four suitcases. [Why is my packing revolved around my shoes? Because I want to take as few pairs as possible - which means matching as many outfits to each pair of shoes as I can. Right now, I've got only five pairs of shoes set out that I am planning on taking.] This stresses me. But I have already started packing, so, I'll be fine. [Of course, we're not leaving for two weeks, but still...] DH has already threatened that for this vacation we are not going to have four different changes of clothing for each day, for each of us. I told him that he is correct and that we won't. We shall only have three changes of clothing for each day on this trip, for each of us. DH has also already threatened that he will NOT be lugging the bags. Of course you won't Honey. That is why you tip porters - they need to make a living, too. Silly, silly man.

3) I have given a great deal of thought to the plastic surgery that I want to have this fall for my birthday. Since I am planning to have elective surgery, and since everyone will know I've had it, I think I need to be gutsy enough to put before and after photos on my blog. I most likely will do just that. And, I'll let everyone know exactly what those procedures were and what they felt like - insofar as I am able [there will be anesthesia, of course] - and what was involved - you know - the pain and all the gory details - along with what I hope will be fabulous results!

4) I revolve my day around The Kids. As I am typing this I am thinking, "Ut oh. Getting toward play time." We have regular "play" times, here. And my Kids know it. At about this time every day they start bringing me toys. The Boy with his flying squirrel and The Baby with her tennis ball. If I say, "No. Mommy isn't going to play right now" they misunderstand me and go and get different toys. "How about a lizard and a duck? Do you want to play with these toys? A rope toy and a octopus?" Just so happens that "play time" coincides with "Mommy's grape juice time." But then, unloading the dishwasher in the morning means that it is "play time," too. Truly in their minds they must think, "What time isn't play time?"

5) I wonder how much longer I really will be able to live in this part of the world. If I make it another three and a half years, I will have spent ONE-FIFTH of my life in Saudi Arabia. [That betting pool that y'all did - as to how long I'd make it here - you know who you are - Andrea, Eileen, Regina, Susan, Donna, Karen, Patricia, Joyce and the rest of you... YOU owe ME the money. I have managed to make it here a lot longer, with my head firmly attached to my shoulders like it is supposed to be, then any of you ever thought I would make it!]

6) I wonder how I will ever live back in the States [or somewhere] in the lifestyle in which I have become accustomed. Here it is just normal to have a houseboy come every day and clean. And to have a pool man, and a gardener, and a driver... That is NOT normal in the States.

7) I spend a lot of time thinking - wondering - what is going to happen in this part of the world. There is nothing about the whole Israel and Iran situation that leaves me feeling "warm and fuzzy." Nothing about the North Korea and U.S. situation that leaves me feeling "warm and fuzzy," either. Scares me, actually. Our lives could change in a mere instant. Everyone's could. And, I just don't understand these global conflicts. I have my own ideas as to how to resolve some of the problems. Best left unsaid, here. [Actually, there is an awful lot that I don't say, here. I do not feel at liberty to do so. Someday, when my feet are once again firmly on U.S. soil - or wherever it is DH and I go to retire - then I will be able to share some things that you will never read, here, at this blog, until then.]

8) Will I ever be a grandmother?!! Aarick, you are twenty-eight years old. It is time to quit being so selfish with your life and start thinking about mine. I brought you into this world, I gave you everything a son could ever need and want. I was there for you when you needed me most. I am still here for you, now. Do you realize what beautiful children you could be capable of making? Do you realize that I am the ONLY one I know in my "peer" group that does NOT have a grandchild? All I want is twin granddaughters. Is that really asking too much?!!! No. I think not. Get with the program, Son! If you are not happily involved in a long-term relationship by this time next year, then I am going to fix that. I live in Saudi Arabia where it is common to arrange marriages. You'll think you're just coming to visit Mom. Boy-oh-boy, Son. Will you be in for a surprise...

I am supposed to tag someone to keep this going. Anyone? Can someone please just step up to the plate and volunteer for me? Pretty please? I'll send you a really cool camel magnet. [What does that say about me, that I feel the need to bribe someone to get tagged next?] The first person to comment that says, "tag me," gets the camel magnet. I can promise you that it will be a lovely addition to any refrigerator...


  1. LOL! My friends set up a pool too. I WON!!!
    The pool on me consisted of:
    a)How long till she gets deported.
    b)Till her tongue gets cut out.
    c)She gets beheaded.
    I think the max time on the pool was 6 months.
    You can tag me.

  2. Shabaz is tagged. [Shabaz - I can't get to your blog with your name-link.] What is the name of your blog?

    Send me an e-mail "sabrasstilettos at yahoo dot com" with your address and I'll put the camel magnet in the mail to you.

  3. Okay, you are such a doll. I just emailed you my address and signed up for tagged and invited you, but I never heard of tagged until reading it on your blog, so I don't know what to do.

    Did I mention what a sweetheart you are and how much I enjoy your blog articles?

  4. Oh, 8 random thoughts? Is that what I'm supposed to do? That's easy:

    1. Tomorrow is trash day and I have to move out the barrels to the curb. I haven't forgotten to do that in 9 years, but I still get anxious the night before that I'll forget.

    2. I have to feed the dogs. I make homemade food for them because I'm Italian. I feed them late every night.

    3. I worry about Muslim terrorists attacking something here in Southern California near me and my family. We live right in the epicenter of lots of research labs and DoD entities, or at Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm. I see more Muslims every year with their wives in full burkha-wear (the thing with just the eye slits?) at the supermarket and mall and it freaks me out.

    4. I am more terrified of what Obama will do to my country in his 4, probably 8, years he will be in power. Ironically, this is the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an American (tip o' the hat to First Ho', Michelle Hussein B. Obama.)

    5. I've always had a problem with shoes because my left foot is a half-size larger than my right. My work-around is Sperry Topsiders. I live in them.

    6. I just realized for the first time in nearly 40 years that my left hand is also noticeably larger than my right.

    7. There's a Clint Eastwood marathon on AMC, I think, this week, and I watched 'Dirty Harry' last night. On the famous line (...do you feel lucky?") he says to the wounded robber, "...did he fire six shots or only five?" I replayed the scene numerous times and only counted four shots. I Googled it and could find no reference. I wonder if AMC edited out two of the shots?

    8. I can really taste the chlorine in tap water.

  5. 1. Aha! Imelda Marcos!

    2. Do as we do - pack one suitcase per person. It can be done, except for the extra garment bag for the formal nights. I bring a pair of sneakers, sandals, and of course a pair of dress shoes. Wife does same.

    Well, almost.

    3. I hope the PS works for you!

    4. I wonder: Do they have pupperonis in Saudi?

    5. You're doing us all a great service by reporting the goings on in there. Saudi sounds like a very backward country that is ruled by infantile rulers.

    6. You will adapt...we did after living in Iceland for four years. No more frozen wonder bread! After that tour of duty, we swore off of wonder anyway!

    7. Here is something to think about. What do you think would happen if all of a sudden the media stopped reporting ENTIRELY on North Korea and Iran, and if every single nation outside of their borders suddenly decided to no longer trade with them? And I mean, ENTIRELY? I think they'd clam up and starve, and we'd never hear anything more from them.

    8. Actually, I wouldn't fret so much. Sounds like he's got a good head on his shoulders. Maybe he's unhappy over the idea of bringing a child into this crazy, mixed up world - but then again, maybe that child will bring some good things to make the world a better place.

    Nice thoughts all around! Thanks for playing!

  6. In an earlier post you mentioned liking Greg Gutfeld. I think you'd like this site: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/. Gutfeld has a column on there as well as other conservatives/moderate-conservatives in the Hollywood industry. Fun stuff!


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