Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures Taken from Inside the Tahoe

The quality of which are not particularly great, but... To give you an idea of what is outside our compound walls...

Really, I will make it a point in the very near future to just jump in a car [not with my DH - he doesn't have the patience for this sort of thing] and just drive around and snap photos of what the Eastern Province - or a small part of it - looks like, here in The Sandbox.

Actually, considering that we were driving down the road at whatever the speed limit is [80, 100 kilometers and hour? I don't have a clue - I'm not allowed to drive], these didn't come out too badly:

Very interesting color scheme in the midst of all gray, beige, tan. Lemon yellow and lime green. [This definitely needs a better photo!]

Much of the architecture is rather interesting in a very contemporary sort of way.

A house with mega-sky-lights [and this is where I saw the thugs in thobes - right there - at this very exact stoplight / culvert - throw rocks at a cat who was down in the gully!!!]:

A round house [which I don't think is finished, yet, as there is no glass in the windows - but maybe that is what they wanted - you know, bring the outdoors in kind of thing]:

Taken [as discreetly as possible] while sitting in the truck at a grocery store parking lot...

The Hungry Bunny - fast food? Maybe.

This little girl has no idea that in just a year or so her carefree days will be only a memory of her past - the childhood she had until she turned eight or nine-years-old - she will not be allowed out of the house dressed like she's dressed - she, too, will be covered head-to-toe in black, because she has NO choice:

These two young men just looked like trouble - I was sitting in the truck - uncovered [raw meat!] - and they gave me the eye like you wouldn't believe. Get over yourselves [I have photos of their faces, but I am not going to post them - that would be inviting trouble - which I don't need]. The thinner one made some kind of "mouth" movement as he was eye-balling me while I was sitting in the truck as he walked by. And, then, he kept turning around to look at me. [Perhaps he caught me with the camera, earlier? And was waiting to catch me, again? Not a chance, pal. Not taking that kind of risk!]

This guy, while on his phone and walking, was doing some mighty unpretty "scratching" of a relatively personal nature in a relatively personal area. He had no idea that I was watching him rearrange everything he has beneath his sirwals and was completely oblivious to his surroundings as far as to who could have been watching or who was looking at him. Just did not matter. He was busy. He was on the phone. The sirwals must have crept up while he was in his car and he was determined to fix things. I guess. Who knows.

Women shopping:

Ut-ohh. Someone doesn't have their head covered! T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Or maybe not - I never saw her face - she could just be a Western woman who wears the requisite black bag but doesn't cover her head or face because she doesn't have to [heck, from the back, it could be me! but it wasn't and it never would be in those shoes!!!].

The dayum camera batteries
died on me before we were home or I would have taken more photos of some of the houses - which as I stated earlier - are of interest architecturally. Some very modern, contemporary designs that I personally like very much.


  1. Interesting pics. I was creeped out when I saw my first muzzie woman in that black peep-hole thing at Ralph's (supermarket here in Cali) in SImi Valley - gave me chills. I would really be freaked out living there in SA. There's a full-on, bearded muzzie works at the hospital where my wife works and he gives me the creeps too. I wonder why they're here if they hate our principles and way of life so much. Although, I guess one benefit of living in a Muzzie country like S.A. is that you're free from the worry of Islamo-terrorism.

    I wonder why there is no international uproar and condemnation of the blatant oppression of women in muslim countries and in Islam in general like the global uproar caused by apartheid in South Africa?

  2. you know, i guess if i lived in such a hot, ugly place, i'd be mean and cranky culture, too.

    (speaking of muslims, not you!)


  3. My green house beats your green house.

    People always slow down when driving by. It's quite funny. I love the color but my sister hates it. Her ex-husband was the one who picked the color.

  4. Intersting pics, Sabra. I'd still long for home though. You are a strong woman for being there. I know your hubby is there, and I can't imagine you being there without him, but I give you both kudos!

    (formerly Love, Daisy)

  5. Oh Sabra, I love these pics!

    The guy that "was determined to fix things" was walking into the drug store. Maybe had needed a little "sometin'-sometin'" to get the job done right. If you know what I mean, wink-wink.

    Oh how I love the "day-in-the-life" posts especially with pictures.

  6. Sabra -- how is this Iran trouble playing/being covered in SA? We're covering it wall to wall (best we can) at Infidel Bloggers Alliance ( ) Anything you can/want to add from the perspective of one living in the ME but not in Iran?

  7. Good work there. I found it actually surprising that reading your blog (and a couple of others) on SA, I'd imagine that I'd see the pictures and see what I expect. But still reading it in words and then seeing it in pictures, that too from an insider's PoV, kinda jolts you that there are people living, eating, drinking, occasionally laughing, enjoying, basically living life in such obviously non-commonsensical pressures.

    Kudos to the survivors.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. Really shame on you to get pic. of people while they do not know about it.
    you have to respect the culture of others as you are showing yourself as civilized person!!

  9. There are a lot more signs in english than i would have expected. Something about most of the buildings looks cluttered - too many balconies and protrusions. The round house and the angular white thing next to cat-rock culvert look nice.

  10. This is so interesting! I wonder if Hardees serves the same food? And what does the "Centreponte" store sell?

  11. How long are you stuck over there for?


  12. Perhaps you can tell me how those women can see anything with their faces covered like that?

  13. Good question, Shabaz, and one that many have wondered about at other sites, as well. Of course, conversely, you see Muslim women writing that they do not feel "oppressed."

    This place could easily make a person mean and cranky, SA!

    You win with YOUR green house, Samantha! That's quite a loud, lime green...

    If DH wasn't here, Kate, there is no way I'd be here. Would never have had a reason to have a Saudi visa in my passport.

    I try to give everyone what they want, Janice!

    Having been gone for the last twelve days and having spent most of that time outside and away from television and a computer I'm not up on it yet, Midnight Rider. I'll get a better feel of it with the local papers and let you know.

    For much of the negativity I project here, FK, there is also much positivity - you know - with people smiling and laughing and having fun just living life. For many - this is what they know - and it is all they know - so they wouldn't know any differently that the heat, the segregation, etc., is not the "norm."

    And that is precisely why, Anonymous, I did not publish photographs of anyone's FACE! Get a grip. Go somewhere else if you don't like what is here.

    I've got to take more photos of the architecture, vermindust. The "apartments" pictured were taken on a highway while driving - and isn't a real depiction of what is out there.

    We're here for another three and a half years if we can be, Dick. DH will be 50 then and will have his 10 years in, here. Who knows. Anything can happen...

    Have said it all along, Findalis, that the driving issue cannot be resolved until the face veil issue can be resolved. I will tell you that I have seen women lifting their veils to read menus and the like - so obviously they are not seeing very clearly!


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