Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Whole Lot of Forced F0rn0cation

In a country that touts itself as being the most moral and so virtuous. A maid was raped on Thursday by two men. She was outside cleaning when two men jumped over the privacy wall and dragged her inside and had their way with her, before tying her up in a bathroom. Let's just hope the men are found and that the maid doesn't end up taking the blame for this heinous act.

Ten months in prison and 300 lashes seems a bit harsh for illegally transferring phone calls. But then, the man was a Bangladeshi. His lashings will take place in public and he will be deported after he serves his prison sentence.

This "blackmailing" thing is getting totally out of hand. Not a day goes by when someone isn't getting accused of being a blackmailer, when someone isn't running to the "Hai'a" or when the "Hai'a" isn't arresting someone. I don't bother posting on the matter much anymore because it has become so "ho hum." It is no wonder that The Sandbox did what it could and kept camera cell phones out for as long as possible. Up until just a couple of years ago camera phones were illegal, here. Now? Try finding a phone that doesn't have a camera in it. Because everyone HAS to HAVE a "mobile" they had to allow them - the camera phones. And just look at how it has worked out. I am guilty, too. If we are out taking out neighborhood jaunts with The Kids and I see someone not scooping up after their four-legged-Kid, I snap a picture and then threaten to turn them in if they do not clean up the newly left warm and smelly pile immediately. I don't however, threaten to blackmail them for large amounts of money or something. I must be doing it all wrong. I'd comment more on this if I had time. It is lengthy. If you want some comic relief, however, take the time to click the link.

I'm off to Bahrain to try to find a pair of sneakers for DH - that he will like...
And to buy Velveeta cheese, and butter, and good rice, and a few other "meatier" items if I think I won't have too much of a problem bringing them back with me.

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