Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What A Cutie!!!

I was searching for the photo of the headless rattle snake copper head draped over a tree trunk earlier this week, and came upon these... Hard to imagine that The Boy was ever this little:

Miss Symphony - the Chocolate Point Siamese in the picture. DH and I had Chocolate Point Siamese cats before we had "Kids." DH is a cat-lover. DH grew up with Siamese cats - his Mom still has one - and I got Spock for DH for Christmas the first year we were dating living together. The woman that was selling the cats - a breeder - was not going to let me buy one of her kittens. When she asked me why I wanted one of her cats, I told her it was because "he would match the couch." She said, "No. You are NOT a cat person." Eventually she let me have one of her kittens; DH named him Spock. A year later we got Spock a sister - Symphony. Spock passed away in 2001. Shortly before we left to come to The Sandbox, I asked my parents if they would take Symphony - she was ten at the time - and I knew that she would not do well on the long trip over. They agreed to do so, and Symphony lived another couple of years as a shadow to my Dad, before she passed away due to kidney failure. Dad was, of course, devastated. My Dad has since passed away, and my Mom has their "rescue" Chocolate Point, Lucy. I will try to remember to take photos when we are next home in the States of Lucy. Teeny, tiny little Siamese cat - who is either fourteen or sixteen. I'm not sure if anyone really knows how old she is...

We we adopted The Boy from Great Dane Rescue in North Carolina. He weighed just over five pounds! He was eight weeks old. A Great Dane, at eight weeks old, typically weighs between 16 to 20 pounds. Poor Little Guy...

I have written about the horror The Boy's father experienced. [The Angel, Michelle, who was responsible for rescuing "Handsome," and letting us adopt The Boy, is here and here, with Handsome.] How - just how - can people abuse animals!?! I will never, ever understand. Never.

The Boy enjoying the cool air from the vent at our house in North Carolina, as a teeny, tiny little guy:

At about five months old:

The Boy with Daddy:

Too cute for words.

Now, I've got to find the pictures of The Baby when she was just a little black fluff ball...


  1. Beautiful dog. And awesome job rescuing him. Wish there were about 5 million more people like you in the States.

  2. Thanks, Shabaz.

    I wish there were about 5 million less dogs that NEED to be rescued. Breaks my heart...

  3. How adorable! Looking forward to the pics of The Baby.

  4. Linda - Let us know what the airport is like today! Enjoy your trip. We leave next week!!! [The pictures of The Baby will have to wait until our return...]

  5. OMG Sabra! He's sooooo cute! I can't believe how tiny he was when you saved him. What a lucky, lucky guy!

    Pictures this summer??? With me I suppose/hope/guess!

  6. Beautiful pics, Sabra. I know how much you are an animal lover, and I'm one, too.

    Thanks for your kinds words regarding Trisket. I actually had to bring her back to the vet because she had gotten worse - she couldn't even walk straight.

    After some blood work, I.V. fluids and a change of medication, I'm happy to say my baby girl is back to her old self. :)

  7. What a sweet, lovely puppy! And he's turned into such a handsome big guy. So glad he has a loving mommy and daddy to take care of him and give him so much love.


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