Friday, June 05, 2009

Outrageous. Just outrageous!

A situation that happened some seven years ago - which caused the death of 15 school girls - came pretty darn close to repeating itself again this past Wednesday. Six students were taken to a hospital and 21 suffered minor injuries "while attempting fleeing in panic from a fire at a girls' school. The situation also developed into angry confrontations when the school guard refused to let the pupils exit the building... into the school courtyard where the guard, according to witnesses of the event, wielded a stick to prevent them from leaving the premises." No. He did what?!! There is a fire and a guard is preventing school girls from exiting? Is the guard going to be fired? And, just out of curiosity, why do all of the girls' schools need a guard anyway? That speaks volumes, in my opinion, about the intentions of others that the girls need to be protected [from what?], and if that is not the case, then is it that someone believes that the girls are not capable of conducing themselves in an acceptable manner? Regardless. Fortunately there were no deaths and the situation was not nearly as tragic as that which took place on Monday, March 11, 2002.

I guess the girls are not capable of conducting themselves in an acceptable manner. They cannot be responsible enough to even have their camera phones at school and they have been confiscated. [Can you confiscate the phones from the girls at the check-out line at the Commissary, too, please?] The "inspection tours came after the administration had received a number of complaints from the guardians of schoolgirls and women teachers regarding violations taking place in schools including the taking of pictures by some female students and teachers." Some of the phones were destroyed and the "women and schoolgirls" have had to "sign a pledge not to violate the regulations." Well, okay, then. Now we know. [How about the boys' schools? Is it okay for them to have their camera phones?]

Youth need to be protected from deviant thoughts. A mantra that is repeated over and over and over. And, again, I point out that if this is something that is so prevalent - these deviant thoughts - where are they originating from [you know, besides from Western influence]. There is, apparently, a need to reiterate "for the whole of society to take responsibility in protecting youth from deviant thought and drug trafficking..." Do they go hand-in-hand? Deviant thoughts and drugs? [Supply and demand economics. If there was no demand, there would be no supply, right? Well, insofar as the "drug trafficking" goes. Where are the drugs coming from? They are not coming in from Western countries. They are coming in from countries right next door to The Sandbox. I have my own opinion on all of that - the money from the drugs and what it finances - but that too is a whole other topic.] Exactly how to you protect someone from deviant thoughts?

A sorcerer has been arrested; no nationality mentioned. An alcohol dealer is being held - is it important to note that the man is an Ethiopian? An Asian man has been arrested for stealing sheep and selling them. And a few - seven, actually - disposable Asian workers have been injured. That is all that is happening in The Sandbox, today.


  1. Being the father of 3 daughters, I'm constantly battling overt and subtle sexism in American culture. I have to to balance out the inundation of cues they receive in almost every single outside social instrument, from every day life, to TV, to monitoring everything I or my wife says to or around them. I feel it's my job as a father. When i see stories like this or even just read Sabra's blog about life in S.A., I'm appalled at the lack of uproar, let alone any reaction, from our government towards this and any and all muslim oppression of women everywhere there are muslims. Where is the international outrage like that towards South Africa a couple of decades ago or the (lip service) "pressure" put on China by KKKlinton? Why do muslims get free pass on this heinous treatment of females? It's unbelievable and sickening. I'm still reeling from jeja's (great nickname, BTW, Sabra) speech the other day - to shocked to even comment on it- but this story makes my blood boil at how sheep-like and deeply in denial the neo-libs are here in the States and Western Europe.

  2. Click on the link at the bottom of the first paragraph to let your blood boil more, Shabaz. Fifteen school girls killed because the police would not let them out of the building which was on fire without them first covering up in their black bags. The, now defunct, Religious Policeman had the links to all of the stories that were published about this tragedy that did NOT have to EVER happen.

  3. The girls' guardians should've thrown the school guard into the fire. I remember the previous tragedy. What in the world goes through the mind (or feeble excuse for one) of someone willing to let children burn to death rather than stand "exposed" in public for a few minutes due to an emergency? "Guards" like that ought to be shot & fed to the sharks. You got Makos in the Gulf, right?

  4. SAbra,

    See if you can find out more about this story from your end.

    A Saudi man and "compatriot girl" were killed in a single car accident in Dubai. At 0345 in the AM. I somehow think she wasn't related to him and that alcohol was invlolved.

    By the way, the roundabout is about 1 mile further down the road so he should have been slowing down.

  5. Nothing in the two English-papers, here, PE. And nothing in Khaleej Times [Dubai Paper], that I can fine, either.

    If I see anything I'll let you know.

  6. A man with a club could never hold American school girls in a burning building. Those kids pack guns.

  7. No kidding, vermindust. What an observation!


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