Friday, September 01, 2006

2,729 Captagon Tablets

Are you sure it was 2,729 tablets and not 2,728 or 2,730? Someone should probably do a recount.

I did not know what
"Captagon" was for the first year that I was here. There were numerous “drug busts” reported in the The Saudi Gazette and Arab News and if the drug was not "Qat" then it was Captagon. Of course, I didn’t know what Qat was, either. No one I asked, here, in my circle of friends and acquaintances knew what captagon was – it is a type of amphetamine.

One of these articles had a photo of what looked like a coffee table with all of the captagon pills neatly counted out and put in little piles of ten each. I will try to find it. It is worth posting.

Drug dealing is a very serious offense in The Sandbox. I honestly do not know if drugs are categorized here, like they are in the States – marijuana being a drug that is not classified as a narcotic like cocaine would be – thus charges and penalties differ – but I do know that there is a sign at the Causeway where you cross over from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia that very clearly states, “Drug dealers will be executed.” That might not be the exact wording. Suffice it to say, however, that the sign leave little for interpretation or guess work.

How is it, then, that
this drug dealer “who had been convicted several times for the same offense” was again returned to prison??? Apparently he had “served a seven-year sentence without learning his lesson, and again reverted to his previous behavior.”

As above-stated, my impression from the sign on the Causeway, is that drug dealers are executed. It will be interesting to learn if this man learns his lesson this time around…


  1. the guy was probably local and had wasta...those death sentences DO happen with locals but rarer than with 'other' nationals

  2. If you take a look at the government over in the middle east, (along with the US may I ad) the economy thrives on forgery, drug dealing, bribery, extortion, and black mail. If drugs went away, so would thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs. Not to mention the economy going up in thin air.

  3. the masses have always been controlled, corruption is power and the economies are in private hands

  4. Don't disagree with any of you - Anonymous commenter's... Especially "you" last two! It is a philosophy that I haven't given a whole lot of thought to until reading these comments.


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