Friday, September 01, 2006

Juggling Wives

This is a problem MY Dear Husband will never have. He thinks one wife is plenty. There are times – probably more often than not – when he thinks one wife is too much.

. . . guessing most husbands won’t have to deal with learning how to “juggle wives.” Well, that is, unless you’re
Warren Jeffs or a member of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints.


  1. Warren Jeff is a HUGE A.....E!! He deserves to be deported to Saudi where he would find out that, even though male and wife rich, he would be a real third class citizen by virtue of his weirded out 'Moronic' beliefs. This is one individual to whom I wish evil, such as he has visited by all accounts on hundred of folks. Despicable!

  2. I assume that the wives in Saudi are not as closely related as those in Jeffs' sect.

    Here is an article about the genetic fallout of multiple marriages within the small community that is FDLS:


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