Saturday, September 09, 2006

Can You Say Reciprocate?

Wonder just how many of these 15,000 students will be going to Harvard? No doubt that most of these students will all pay “out-of-state” tuition rates, thus putting substantial cash into the coffers of many colleges and universities. This is all well and good.

The issue I, personally, have with this is that there is no reciprocation on the part of Saudi Arabia to allow United States students to come to schools here to study. Okay. So maybe there isn’t a demand for this – that students from the U.S. want to come to The Sandbox for higher education – and I can assure you that you will not find a list of Saudi’s top ten “
party schools” if that criteria determines how U.S. students contemplate which institute of higher education they are going to attend – but certainly, it would seem, that in order for the United States to be willing to accept that many students, that there should be some sort of mutual exchange.

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  1. Well Sabra,
    Saudi schools would be an awfully hard sell, what with all the hours devoted to fanatical religious instructions, and the fact that their graduates are known to be totally undereducated and unprepared to function in this 'globalized world' of ours. I cannot even in my wildest imaginings picture any western parents, once they would have the option (as if!!), taking this seriously. Besides should anyone be so inclined as to send a son or daughter to one of these schools, the social climate would probably prove itself to be incredibly toxic to western kids: all that misogyny and xenophobia! hardly a study programme that one would wish for their precious young ones.


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