Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Yvette Nicole Moreno!

Yvette Nicole Moreno would be thirty years old on October 4th, this year – for most of us, one of those “milestone birthdays,” not taken lightly. Yvette was incredibly close to her family – her Mom, Ivy, and her brother, Roland. If Ivy and Roland could have pulled it off, maybe they would have had a surprise birthday party for her. Or quite possibly, Yvette, as busy as she was, would have planned her own celebration in honor of turning “3 0.”

Ms. Moreno grew up in the Bronx, attending Catholic schools until her senior year, where she graduated at the top of her class from Adlai Stevenson High School. Yvette then enrolled at Hunter College, where she made the Dean’s List, majoring in sociology and psychology.

Life was moving along at a fairly quick pace for this beautiful twenty-four year old woman. Yvette had just purchased her first car, and had just enrolled at Lehman College to continue working toward an advanced degree in psychology and sociology, with the hope of someday becoming a guidance worker or a school social worker. Yvette was a full-time student, and was working full-time as well, but still always found time for her family and her many, many friends. This young “go getter,” enjoyed going out dancing with friends when she could, or just going out to lunch with her Mom and going shopping.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Yvette, like so many other Americans, had gotten up and gone about her day – heading off to her place of employment, at the brokerage firm of Carr Futures. Ms. Moreno had been working at Carr Futures for almost two years – as a temporary employee for the first year or so – before being hired as a permanent staff member that January.

It was after leaving Carr Futures, in Tower One, that Yvette called her brother Roland to tell him that she was okay, and for him to tell their mother that she should not try to go to work. Yvette’s Mom, Ivy, believes that Yvette saved her life that fateful day.

Tragically, although believing Yvette was safe and on her way home, this was the last time Yvette ever spoke with her brother. It was several weeks later – just several days after what would have been Yvette’s twenty-fifth birthday – when her remains were discovered and it is believed that most likely she was hit with falling debris from one of the collapsing buildings.

“She was beautiful. Inside and out.” And, “She was always happy,” says Yvette’s Mom, Ivy. This is how she and Yvette’s brother, Roland, will always remember this beautiful young lady. Seeing photographs of her daughter displayed on a large collage at her wake, from when she was a baby to the more recent pictures, Yvette’s Mom said, “She wore a big, beautiful smile in every single one of them.” More than 750 people attended Yvette’s funeral, from all over the United States – all who were fortunate enough to be touched in some way by the tremendous spirit of a beautiful soul who departed from this world much, much, much too soon.

Today, I will look at this photograph of Yvette Nicole Moreno, and I will smile. One can’t help but to do so – smile that is – when just a mere photograph of Yvette’s infectious smile lights up a room!


  1. Nicely written Sabra! Well done! You have done Yvette Nicole Moreno and her family proud.
    I'm glad you finally figured out how to include images in your posts. Looking forward to more.
    -A lurker from Oman - Dux.

  2. Thank you Sabra, that was beautiful

  3. Yvette certainly does have a beautiful smile, and you honored her well.

    Always smiling was a characteristic of Frances Ann Cilente, as well. My tribute blog to Fran is entitled, Frances Ann Cilente. Here is the blog address:


  4. Thank you for sharing a beautiful word portrait of Yvette.

    Jonathon's Closet remembers Robert Levine

  5. beautiful tribute sabra-

  6. I met Yvette while visiting a friend of mine who worked at Carr Futures. She made me laugh, she made me smile, and she was full of sunshine. I have never forgotten her. I am glad to see that I am not alone.

  7. Who are you to write a blog about my sister?
    If u knew her that's one thing but if its just something to "work" on or a hobby of sorts its not appreciated or wanted
    Roland moreno

  8. Roland - I signed up - long ago - for a 2996 Project - which honored ALL of those who were lost on 9/11/01. Perhaps you should talk to your Mom - who I spoke with SEVERAL times before just writing about your sister. I was trying to Honor your Sister, nothing more. May she rest in peace. My prayers remain with you - your Sister - and your Mom. Writing about your Sister is not a hobby. I was remembering her like the rest of the 2995 victims!

  9. I did a temp assignment at Carr Furtures on the week of 6/11/01 as a receptionist. I always wondred what had happened to the girl whom I coverd that week. It makes me so sad to know the out come..

  10. i met her a few times when i was young , allot of people from my hometown of manhasset died that day heart goes out.

    Ronald Anthony Rodriguez

  11. she was my grandma ivys kid she was famiy i never got to met her in my life rip we love u we pray and have hope !


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