Friday, September 08, 2006

Wet Dish Towels

I mean, what else could you call this? Reminds me of one of those tired “blonde jokes,” where a blonde is shaking her head from side to side banging her shoulder pads answering some moronic question with an “I don’t know.”

Reading Haya Al-Manie’s article, “Women Without Qualifications,” one has to wonder if the young girls she refers to didn’t have blinders on. [Umm, it’d be more apt to be a veil.] Ms. Al-Manie writes:

“In an interview with a group of young women prior to their admission at a college, the participants were asked about the problems of their present time. Surprisingly, most of the girls confirmed that there really aren’t many problems that women face.”
“Unfortunately, the young girls didn’t know what qualifications they possess or what makes them feel proud of themselves. The picture is complete with them not knowing what their flaws or shortcomings are either. I don’t really want to believe that these young women have no sense of scent, taste, or flavor. But I wonder how these girls were able to reach this level of absence and nonexistence in relation to everything…”

But, then, there are young women like this all over the world, aren’t there? Perhaps, because the culture here tends to protect and shelter women to degrees above and beyond what a Westerner would view as the “norm,” this just appears to be more noticeable.


  1. This should have been entitled: 'Stepford wives in training'. The vacuous, obedient hence 'perfecr' Saudi woman, just as orchestrated by the Wahhabi establisment.

  2. Where were their parents? These people grew up with no sense of personal acheivement or personal responsibility. Why? because they were never challenged by their parents or by their teachers. What a culture. What a shame.


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