Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anonymous Commenters...

...are carefully and selectively posted.

Some people just don't get it. This is not going to be the place to discuss certain things. Like I selectively choose the comments that get posted, I also get to selectively choose what I want to write about. Why? Because it's MY blog. That's why.

If you want to write about whatever is going on in the world or in your world at your blog - by all means - do it. But Stilettos in the Sand is not going to be the forum for it. So, if you've left a comment, with the screen name, "Anonymous," and it does not show up in comments, here, that's why. There are, of course, exceptions. But for the most part all of the "Anonymous" comments come from someone - he, she, they - whoever they might be - that obviously dislikes and is offended by my opinions and viewpoints very, very much but not nearly enough to go read something else or start their own blog.

You - whoever you are - obviously have no idea the satisfaction it gives me to complete a task - and by clicking on the "delete" option in comments moderation I feel like I've accomplished something - finished a task, so to speak. So thanks! I was able to click-off three of you whoever you are, today. Life is good.


  1. I tend to leave all comments on my blog, bad or good. It helps to generate active discussion.

    I have people in the blogging world that hate me so much that they'd crucify me if they had the chance, but I really don't care.

    Sometimes negative attention is good, but if the offender just wants to slam you personally, then I can see your reasons in not wanting to post such diatribe.

  2. Ahhhh- the beauty of comment moderation! Good for you!

  3. Anonymous: as though a made up name were not sufficient cover from which to throw dung. My parents were cruel white trash but not so low as to actualy name me vermindust. I did that to myself.

  4. Mine tend to be along the likes of "If you hate it here so much, go home." Or, "You give Westerner's a bad name." And, "You are arrogant and racist."

    Actually, Steve, those comments I could handle. When, a couple years back, someone else - and it WAS a "local" who said he knew "where I lived" I not only took all the photos I had on my blog off, but felt I had to moderate comments. He was not only attacking me, but anyone who agreed with me.

    "Active discussion" is not a bad thing. And, personally, when I get slammed, I can handle it. But there are just certain things I don't wish to "actively" discuss here. For good reason. One being that I am quite comfortable with my head attached to my shoulders.

  5. Had to do it, Econmom. See my response to Steve, above.

  6. What? You mean your name isn't really Vermindust?!?

    No one ever even bothers with a "made up name, Vermindust. It is always "Anonymous."

    Not going to have it. They - he, or she - can get their own blog. They - he, or she - can name it "Sabra is a _itch," or "I Hate Sabra," or "Don't ever read Stilettos in the Sand." I don't really care what they want to name it - they aren't going to have their forum here. That's all there is to it.

    Quite honestly, I don't mind that someone disagrees with me. Not everyone is going to agree with everyone else all of the time. But you can use somewhere else to fling your Unicorn poo. [Oh, wait, those are Skittles, aren't they!]

  7. I'm with you, do whatever you want with YOUR blog! We'll be here to read no matter what.

  8. I got a few negative comments on my blog...ruined my day...for about a nano second. If they cant even bother to put their name or even a their rudeness then why bother with them? I find it interesting that these people that act as if they hate your blog...still manage to come back again and again and leave comments...kind of stalker like...ouch!

  9. Thanks, Kath. Plan to do just that. And I do, always, appreciate that I have some readers that WANT to read my blog without telling me off about whatever my rant or opinion du jour is.

  10. Doesn't even ruin my day, Coolred [well, except for the jerk who said he knew where I lived]. It is just the point.

    I suppose if I cared who they - or he/she - really was, I could go through Sitemeter and check the times and IP's to find out if they are the same person or several people. If they are the same, they are wasting a lot of time, here, reading a blogger that "disgusts" them. Whatever.

  11. That's hat I don't understand. Why do people even waste their time reading blogs that they can't stand.
    I found the link to your blog on AIO's blog and I must say that I just LOVE it. You've got just the right mixture of fluffy posts (skinny girls in open abayas, dead lizards) and political posts.
    Keep up the good work and don't worry about what those few pathetic individuals that obviously have no life think.

  12. Well, Just Me, I don't understand it either. But like I said, the forum what whatever it is you want to disparage, is not here.

    Thank you very much for your kind - very kind - compliments! Was not actually striving for a mix of of "skinny girls in open abayas, dead lizards and political posts" but it IS my life and I write it like it happens.

    Come back and visit. Don't be a stranger. Comment! When you see fit. Or not...

  13. You are's you're blog and you can do want you want, no one is forcing anyone to read it....people need to get a life.....that's why I moderate mine as well.


  14. Have no intentions of turning comment moderation off, Gill. Funny how no one forces "them" to read my blog, but they seem to insist on it!

  15. I love it, Sabra!

    You are the Mistress of your domain, after all!

  16. Why, yes. Yes, I am, Dinah! Something over here that I actually DO have some control over...


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