Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good luck. Let us know how this works out.

I think we all know how it is going to work out. And it just isn't. The solution seems relatively simple and obvious, but when it comes right down to it, is it going to work? I. Don't. Think. So. When imported taxicab drivers were fired so that "locals" could have those jobs, what happened? Other than the fact that several women were accosted by drivers? The drivers didn't bother showing up for work. That's what happened. They couldn't be bothered. Seven o'clock in the morning was too early - and they didn't want to work at night because they wanted to be doing something else, instead. And, no, not all - but some - enough to cause problems.

Saudis are now going to be offered jobs "that used to be among the most detested jobs in Saudi culture." I do not disagree with the premise of this, I just don't see it working [no pun intended]. "At the top of the list of professions which Saudis have traditionally found least attractive are jobs such as factory milking specialist, construction worker, auto-body repair worker, carpenter, and blacksmith." Um-hmm. Those jobs require physical labor. Real work. Some 49 professions are going to be made available to Saudis based on their qualifications. ...pump technicians, heating and cooling technicians, wood painters..."

According to the Labor Office, when it comes down to it - if layoffs are necessary due to the global economic crisis, expats are to be fired first. When that happens, who is going to do the actual work?!?


  1. I watched a special on Saudi economy a couple of years ago a young Saudi man who looked westernized Ipod and all was complaining the job he was doing putting lable's on bottles was woman's work but it was all he could get so he did the job. He lived at home with his folks. They say there is a huge young population of young men that need to be employed in Saudi Arabia is this true?

    My own husband is currently in Liberia. Liberians would jump at a chance of any job, they make about 80.00 American a Month if they are lucky. They get to eat like twice a day again if they are lucky.

  2. "They say there is a huge young population of young men that need to be employed in Saudi Arabia is this true?" Yes. But many, if not most, are far too particular about what work they are willing to do. No one wants to do anything that actually involves, you know, "work." They want desk jobs and high salaries, whether they deserve it or not.

    I don't know anything about Liberia, but the reason that there are so many foreign workers here in Saudi is because so many of them are willing to work for whatever pay - something to them, is better than nothing, which is what they can make in their own depressed country. It is very sad, Keyboard.Jockey.


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