Monday, January 19, 2009

RIP Mickey Minnie

UPDATED: Thanks to reader Dawn-Michelle who has some experience with mice and tells me that from the close-up photo it is pretty clear from "the evidence" that the little mouse is a "Minnie," and not a "Mickey."

I have said all along - since the pool was emptied - that it is dangerous. Someone is going to fall. Someone is going to get hurt. And I was right. Poor little mouse. I don't know if he [she?] came out of the hole where the light
goes, or if he/she went running over the edge. Either way, the result was the same.

Yesterday morning The Boy was standing at the end of the pool - looking down. Something had his attention. I went out to get him because I wasn
't comfortable with him standing so close to the edge and this is what was there:

Rev never came by last week when he said he was going to [oh, yeah, big surprise]. DH talked to him this weekend and he said he was still looking for tile. Which, of course, is the exact same thing he said to me last week. The man is incapable to telling the truth. He says what he thinks you want to hear - whether you do or not - and then forgets he's already said "that." Just fix the pool, Rev, and get it done. If there is still a big "tile" hole in March I am going to be one PO'd woman. It's been almost a month, now. Progress? Nah dah. Absolutely NONE!

And for no reason other than the fact that The Boy is so incredibly handsome, and that The Baby - also known as The Princess - is too pretty for words...


  1. Sabra, this is my first time at your blog and I was interested in your situation in Saudi. I never realized that non-Saudi women were subjected to not being allowed to drive.

    I am also interested to see you have two dogs there as well. I thought that Arabs had a distaste to dogs entirely, and that they were not allowed either, but maybe I am wrong.

    Is the boy a great dane?

  2. Hey, Sabra,
    It looks as if your mousie is a Minnie. I used to have a couple of mice as pets for my boys. (And, no, it wasn't because they were locked up.) Anyway, from the angle of the photo, if it was Mickey, you should be able to see evidence of his maleness. ;>)

  3. Thanks for visiting, Steve.

    Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi - doesn't matter what nationality you are. And you won't find many "locals" who have dogs. We live on a compound which allows them.

    The Boy is a Great Dane - on the small side. The Baby is a Standard Poodle - also on the small side.

  4. Well thanks for clearing that up for me, Dawn-Michelle. I did not examine the "evidence" closely enough and I had DH remove her from the pool. Good to know you didn't lock your boys up for ten years where they had only mice to play with! Took me a second on that one. Nicely done, D-M!

  5. I have a pug. He's HUGE. We wonder how he ended up in the toy breed.

    I will post a pic of him on my blog shortly.

  6. Bet your "little" Pug still doesn't take up nearly the room in a bed that a Great Dane does, though, Steve! Add a Poodle to that - and two adults, one of which is 6'4" and 230 pounds... Sometimes I end up with very, very little room.


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