Saturday, January 31, 2009


Number six [seven?]. A fully identified man was beheaded for killing his fully identified ex-wife. He stabbed her in the chest when she was working at a medical center.

Surprisingly this doesn't happen as often as one might think it could. There are a gazillion delivery men [rarely, very rarely, "locals"] in this part of the world. Perhaps because they are so expendable if they get robbed it just doesn't get reported. Unless the delivery man got the license plate number the perpetrators are never going to be caught. There are also a gazillion GMC's on the streets, here.

It would be interesting to find out a few more details of how this 23-year-old woman was shot in the mouth, with the bullet ending up lodged in her neck. Did she try to kill herself? Isn't that what happens when you eat lead like that? Did someone else try to kill her. Probably the maid. She was cleaning a gun and it accidentally went off. [I'm kidding!]

A stolen fuel tanker shouldn't be too hard to spot. Someone took one while it was parked at a service station, because the "attendants were not attentive." The keys had to be in the tanker [the article doesn't say]. You'd notice someone trying to hot wire a tanker. Wouldn't you?

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