Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Getting Ready for Short Vacation

Going somewhere I have never been. Ought to be interesting. Not going anywhere in the "Middle East," but instead, "Far East." I am going to visit Dear Friends who used to lived in Bahrain, and now live there.

As I was prancing around the house tidying up the other day, DH was sitting at the computer, I pranced into the study and said, "Honey, where was it they flogged those boys some years back for vandalizing cars?" DH said, "Where you're going." Yeah. Okay. Do not really have plans to vandalize any cars so I should be all set.

Read on-line this morning though that you are not supposed to take gum [I am an avid gum chewer!], but if you have a few single pieces for personal consumption they'll let it slide. A few single pieces will last me a morning OR an afternoon. Oh. Also read that I am only allowed ONE - ONE - open PACK [no, not carton, a SINGLE PACK] of cigarettes. What are the chances that they will have Kool Super Longs there? Of course, I can't get on-line to research anything like that because anything having to do with "alcohol or tobacco" is blocked. But, of course it is.

Another interesting little tidbit I read is that "absent from cheap eateries is any form of napkins or tissues." Good to know. I don't leave home without several packages of wipes. I'll be okay.
Apparently, due to the country's lack of welfare, people sell little packages of tissues on the streets for $1.00 a pack. That's how they make their living. I can deal with that.

Does anyone want me to send a post card? I'm happy to do so. Just s
hoot me an e-mail with your name and address.

I'm not leaving for a week. Lots to do, though... And I am not one of those kinds of people that can just throw a few things in a suitcase and take off. No. I plan. I organize. I leave lists of instructions for DH on how to take care of his own Kids. [I'm the caretaker for the most part. It isn't that I don't trust DH, but I have a really, really hard time trusting anyone but ME with The Kids! Sad, isn't it?]


  1. Singapore is great--clean orderly and friendly. They have wonderful botanical gardens and an excellent zoo, as well as a beach/resort area and great shopping. Enjoy. Don't smoke and chew gum at the same time, it may result in inadvertant littering, and dire consequences! :)

  2. I don't plan on doing either in public, Anonymous. Smoking or chewing gum... I can live without doing so. Beats the alternative. [Ha! No pun intended.] Caning does, indeed, sound dire...

  3. And what is going to happen to the kids while your gone...they will definitely be pining...poor kids!!!

    I dont mind a post card but Id much prefer if you sent me a beach...nice clean sand...blue unpolluted water...yes I know Im on an island...but its an island without a damn beach worth spreading a blanket on...unless you have a huge salary that allows you your own personal stretch of beach...alas...that is not me....so go ahead and send the post card...along with a beach...lol.

  4. The Kids will definitely be missing Mommy! They always do. Not to worry, I'll call and check in on them daily.

    You know it's funny, Coolred - the friends I'm going to see - they lived in a "flat" not far from the Grande Mosque. When we first started visiting them there we could see the beach, by the time they left - three years ago - the beach was long gone...

  5. Bon Voyage, Miss Sabra. Good luck finding a source for the ciggies and gum.

    (I'm sure your boys will miss you. I have the same problem leaving the Kafir k-9 brigade.)

    Can't wait to hear all your stories.

  6. It will be interesting, DL. Funny thing is I have no desire to visit Asia. If friends weren't living there - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be going...

  7. Sabra:

    Look up Hunter's Lodge - great steak dinner there. It's also a bar. Great place.

    Hit the gold souk too. I am curious to know if any Russian gold is still circulating there.

  8. You sound just like me. I pack, pack and repack at least a month before I go somewhere. And still end up forgetting something.

    I make lists for what I'm taking and clothes I'll wear on the plane and at least two outfits per day. And of course, what shoes to take and wear. Also a list of what to take, what to do and where to go.

    Lists are good, they keep us organised and give me a bit of control. I'm a control freak.

  9. I'll be interested in hearing your impressions, Miss Sabra. I've been to Hong Kong and Japan - they weren't high on my list of places to see either but I really enjoyed it.

    Ooh, that gold souk sounds fascinating.

    Twin Janice - cue the Twilight Zone music I'm a big lister, too!

  10. Steven - Very willing to look up Hunter's Lodge if that's where everyone else wants to eat. I don't eat meat... Salad? Yes. And will definitely hit the gold souks!

    I'm already pretty much packed, Janice, but for the things you can't put in until you've last used them [make-up bag, etc.]. I don't do a "list," for traveling. It is a notebook! Almost to organized. Is there such a thing? Nah...

    I'll let you know, DL, what I think. Really visiting the Far East wasn't on my "agenda," and if it wasn't for dear friends that are there I probably wouldn't be going.


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