Thursday, March 05, 2009

Woman Driver Arrested! Locally...

There is no other country in the ENTIRE world where the headline "Woman driver arrested" means the same thing as it does in THIS country. Ut-oh. She's innnn trouble! Of course if women could drive here - and they can't and they never will - it wouldn't be a headline. The woman, whoever she is, might well be a good driver. Isn't it a fact that women cause fewer accidents than men? It was not until the woman saw a police car when she tried to make an escape "an in the process hit another car." Next time, young lady, throw one of your brother's thobe's on, and a gutra. Hold your mobile to your ear with one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. Break every traffic law on the books. Drive at break-neck speed and don't bother stopping for those pesky traffic lights. You'll fit right in and no one will bother you.

PCRC. Speeding mentioned as a possible cause. That the man may have fallen asleep at the wheel isn't being ruled out. No. Of course it isn't. Speeding couldn't possibly have been the cause.

Just another bunch of imported UNPAID workers complaining. So what that a small group of cleaners - twelve of them - haven't been paid in a couple of months. Their wages are probably so meager that being paid and unpaid is close to the same thing. [I am being sarcastic. Their wages amount to what most of us spend at the grocery store in a single shopping trip - and that is their wages - for the MONTH! It is a small fortune to them. To many of us, it is a pittance.] The workers that are imported that come here to do the jobs that no one else wants to do should be the first ones that are paid. I do not understand why it is okay to see story after story about the way these workers are handled and how authorities refuse to do anything about it. The Bangladeshi workers are "protesting the delay of the payment of electricity bills and rents for two months a matter that made the landlord disconnect the water and electricity from the building." Yep. The workers are being punished for not being paid; as if that isn't punishment enough. It would appear as though it is the employer who is supposed to be paying the rent, from the article, and he just can't be bothered with such trivial matters. The employer, Muhammed Al-Bashri [yes! he got named and shamed], "has promised to find a solution to the workers' problem by paying the delayed rents and salaries soon." What the!?!? The solution, you asshole, would be to pay your workers and your bills [the workers' rent] on time. There found it for you.
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Quick blurb on the blind leading the blind. "Study reveals general ignorance." About abuse and domestic violence. It says, "Fifty-seven percent of women have been victims of domestic violence." But. But. But. I thought that only occurs in "Western countries."

The count is up to 13 according to Watan Arab American Newspaper. Beheadings. Two men were beheaded earlier this week; one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Someone had their camera phone out and made a video. It was just yesterday that I was reading on some news forum - and I can't link it because I can't remember where it was - that said if the United States would quit coddling criminals and started beheading people then there would be fewer drive-by shootings by thugs in Chicago. I agree.


  1. Yaaaay!

    Woman allowed to blind the man who blinded her. ALMOST an eye for an eye.


  2. I think the punishment is not enough for the man, ShyAsrai. He needs to be hung. By his balls. That would prevent other attacks from happening.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. i think he should suffer EXACTLY what he did to her. every last square inch of injury and scarring.

    i only hope they DON'T give him painkillers or dope him up before they put acid in his eyes.

    acid should be smeared on his body to match hers.


  4. You won't get any disagreement from me, ShyAsrai. None whatsoever. Good grief I hope they don't give him even as much as an aspirin!


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