Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playing in heat and humidity

These play pools may well be popular. I only saw them for the first time in Singapore. At the entrance to one of the many, many malls was a small plastic pool with a couple of clear plastic balls floating in it. Not knowing at the time I first saw it what it was, I just figured it was some kind of "art" or something. Not particularly attractive art - being all plastic and covered with big plastic divider-fence-type things [to keep people out]. When we were leaving the mall is when I found out that it was a play pool for kids and not art. Duh. I did not take a picture of the sign - there were too many people milling around it by the time I finally figured out that I should have pictures of the sign, as well as the pool. As I was whipping my camera out here and there, it was not uncommon to see a sign showing a camera with a line through it - no photos. I asked to take some of the pictures I did take out of respect. I was told no on more than one occasion.

The sign said something to the effect tha
t children must be supervised by their parents, no child under three or over twelve was allowed, and that the facility would not be responsible for any injuries sustained. The price was $6 for 8 minutes in a ball for one child, or you could put two children in one ball for $9 for 8 minutes [now, that - two children in one ball - to me sounds like injuries waiting to happen].

What you do is you zip and then velcro your child into one of these clear vinyl balls that are filled with air [they blow them up, like big
balloons] and let them play in a very shallow and fairly small blown-up pool. The pool couldn't have been more than 2" deep. It was hot and humid the day I stopped to watch this - on our way out of the mall - and of course said, "Wait up, I have to get pictures." All of the children I watched were smiles and giggles so it must be fun. Before I read the sign, I said to no one in particular in our little group of DH and two friends, "How long do they stay in there?" DH, with his quick wit, responded "until they run out of air." Funny, DH, very funny.

So, it is hot and humid outside. The shallow pool is sitting on warm tile. I wish I would have stuck my hand in the water to feel the temperature. And you cannot tell me that it is cool being inside a vinyl filled beach-ball outside in the heat. But still, I'm pretty sure if I were a little kid, then I would have wanted to experience this fun, too.


  1. A shame the balls are only used on the pool. I'd keep the kids in them all the time. They couldn't grab candy off the shelves, makes messes on the floor, hide under the furnature. It would keep the Saudi cab drivers off them, too.

  2. Dayum, Vermindust, you DO come up with some GREAT lines! The tying of the two posts together is absolutely fantastic. You can be genius sometimes, Friend! Simply genius!!!

  3. I'm thinkin' these kids are gonna come out of these bubbles with sweat dripping from every pour on their little body's.

    Who would put their child in one of those mini-greenhouses?

    Granted, if I were a child I'd beg for a chance to sweat to death in one. Hopefully my mom would have better sense.

  4. They probably were sweatin' from every pore, Janice. Must be something to it though, because it was after I'd put the camera away and was being gently prodded to "let's go" when about six of the balls were filled with kids - one of 'em even had the "injuries waiting to happen" with two kids in it. Trust me, if I was older than three and younger than twelve I would have been begging my Mom to let me try it!


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