Monday, March 09, 2009


At least I can type today. I actually started a post two days ago - with local news - didn't finish it - and then so severely injured myself yesterday I couldn't touch my keyboard. My finger is not quite as tender and sore this morning. Still hurts though. Yes. Poor me.

Death penalty deserved here. A "youth" raped and killed a THREE-YEAR-OLD little boy! The rapist is 22 years old. He is hardly a youth! A 15 year-old is a "youth," a 22 year-old is a young man. Get it right. The little boy's body was discovered "following the arrest of a 22-year-old unemployed youth whose name and nationality were not released." We now know his nationality - if he was any nationality BUT Saudi he would have been identified. "On arrest, he confessed to abducting and raping [the child], but he claimed that he abandoned the boy in the desert alive." You did what? You left a little three-year-old boy to fend for himself in the desert?!? There is no way the unnamed "youth" deserves anything but the death penalty. Is there an alleged hierarchy here in Saudi in prison's where certain criminals are given a special kind of justice by their fellow inmates. I hope so. Again I will say, justice in Saudi is swift and to the point. [Heh. The pun just works, there.] No coddling of criminals. The United States could learn from this system. Recently I read an article at Sweetness & Light that "Executions Are Now Too Expensive" so we, American tax-payers, will be paying dearly to have criminals languishing around our jails and prisons for far too long. Just get rid of the degenerates that litter society. Do it like it is done here.

Meddling in a marriage when it is none of your business. What gall some of these family members - brothers - have. Interfering in matters that do not concern them. I posted about two such cases, recently. One which has separated a couple for a couple of years... Now, another marriage is about to be broken up because a woman's brothers want part of her inheritance and to get it they say she is wrongfully married to someone. Get a life. Leave your sister alone. Do you not have enough to be concerned with? Seems to me that somewhere I have learned that here when there is an inheritance the men in the family get twice what a woman in the family gets. I could be wrong on that, but if that is the case... Interesting that the woman and her husband are named, but not her brothers. Couldn't possibly do that as it would shame them, right?

Don't even know what to say about this. A man is on the run because his wife [who he hasn't lived with for four years] says a child on her ID isn't hers. The man is a Saudi so I do not understand why he had to use the ID of his estranged wife - he can have four wives, after all. Supposedly he "registered a child of his foreign housemaid as that of his wife's." The wife is named - but not really; she goes by "Umm Mohammed" which simply means "mother of Mohammed" and it isn't really her name. According to her, she and her husband have no children from their marriage of 15 years. "Now she wants a divorce, claiming also that he has not once provided for her in the past four years. She said she had left him to stay in a charity home after he lost his government job because of absenteeism and other violations." [Talk about work ethic!] She says that four years ago her husband and his brothers visited her and asked for the family identity card which she supposedly handed over after being beaten. Yeah. Have to call B.S. on this story. Just have to. "... he disappeared for four years... one day he appeared with another family ID-card but wtih a new son registered in it." I guess it could happen but I'd be willing to bet that this is more about a woman scorned than anything else. She is pissed off because "he told her the boy was the son of his Christian housemaid," [huh?!] and that is what this is all about. Yep. Nonsensical B.S.

Lots and lots of illicit substances being confiscated. The authorities here are, obviously, hard at work. I know that drugs are a problem world-wide, but I will never be able to understand why, when the risk is so great, that so many try. Supply and demand. If there was no demand, there would be no supply. The money must, somehow, make it all worthwhile.


  1. While you don't say you leave open the possibility that if one has enough power and connections in the Saudi hierarchy there is a good chance you will get a pass on something this horrible?

    Despite the teachings of the Wahabbists, family always trumps even Sharia. It's what happens in any tyrannical society like the one you "sorta" live within there.

  2. Well you know Sabra that all that illicit substance is being consumed by the damn kafirs...I mean foreigners...Saudis are much to holy and pious to partake of the devils diversions.

  3. You have a good point, NOTR. I hope that he doesn't get a pass on this - but it could happen. It was just last week that the family of the little 2-year-old boy that was beheaded in the produce section of a grocery store was given a "pass." It was the child's own uncle that did it. Incredulous as it seems... Family trumps, just like you said.

  4. I know, Coolred. It is always "our" fault, us foreigners...

  5. "...he abandoned the boy in the desert alive."

    Oh, right. Like a 3-yr-old alone in the desert with horrific injuries is not in any kind of mortal danger.... what the HELL kind of defense against murder is that supposed to be?

    Oh GOD please start smiting.



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