Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Adoration for Alhamedi

We are all saddened that The Religious Policeman has bid us a temporary farewell. It goes without saying that the blogging Alhamedi did on The Religious Policeman will be missed by many. The sentiments continue to be generated in the comments of this final post in a very poignant tribute to a man who clearly captivated an audience making – and leaving – an enormous impression and impact on the minds of people from all over the world! One could only hope to someday receive the same outpouring of response for sharing part of their world on issues relating to Saudi Arabia as Alhamedi has. It is not likely that anyone else, anytime soon, can come remotely close to even comparing. [Sigh… Heavy sigh…]

If you missed the interview that CerebralWaste did with the esteemed Alhamedi, it is posted at his site and is a must read! It made my adoration of Alhamedi stronger than it was before – if that is even possible! I know we all wish him the very best, hope that he is able to look into his computer screen and let the musical-lull of his fingers tapping on the keyboard gush forth with the words he needs so that he completes the historical novel he is going to publish, and rejoins us soon!

[Alhamedi – Do I get a discount on a signed copy of your book for posting this? Min fadlak? Min fadlak jameel?? Wait - is it supposed to be, Jameel min fadlak???]


  1. Sabra

    Congratulations on your new blog!

    You could try: "Allay-Afeek, Y'al Shaikh"


    (Formerly know as "Ruminator")

  2. I've added you to my favourites thanks to Angie
    A Dane


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