Monday, June 05, 2006

I swear, this is the first time

…I’ve never posted a “personal” ad before. Actually, that would be the truth. I have never in my entire life written, been the subject of, or responded to a “personal” ad. Those little ads – you see them in the backs of those independent weekly papers that clutter the stands located just inside the door of your local pizza joint, or the grocery store. They used to be good for a few mindless minutes of entertainment. Absolutely no thought process required when skimming down the columns. The best ones weren’t the usual “Women seeking Men,” or “Men seeking Women,” or even the “Women seeking Women,” and “Men seeking Men,” but a section called “Variations.” The “Variations” category had by far the shortest list of ads. It was quite obvious that the authors of this relatively short list were prowling for a change of pace, seeking something new and different and sometimes highly unusual from life’s ordinary fare:

"MBF, 28, 145lbs, 5'7", slim and very athletic, well-endowed, looking to share first encounter with SWM or SWF, to satisfy while husband watches. Must be willing to experiment with snakes and gerbils.”

“MWM, 45, Seeks submissive WM, 23-53, for light bondage, body shave, spanking, etc., while wife is away. Likes large pacifiers and wearing rubber pants.” Limits respected. Discretion assured."

So, hopefully, in this highly competitive, already over-saturated world of bloggers, I can at least once in a while, offer a bit of variation. Just a few minutes, now and then, of some mindless entertainment... Wish me luck!


  1. If you get too many hits, can I have the overflow :).

  2. Do you realize what orgiastic glee I could be having with this brand new blog with brand new posts by being first commenter on each one!?


    Mine, all mine!!

  3. I don't think so Angie! ;)

    I love your blog Ms. Stilettos in the Sand. I think I'll prob comment on each and every one... keep up the great work, you lil abaya wearing American in S.A.!

  4. Please may I be the first...What?...Oh no, not her again!...the third to congratulate you on the birth of your new blog!

    And in that encounter above, I think the snake is going to have a lot more fun than the poor little gerbil...

  5. It's a blog!!!!!
    And what a lovely blog it is indeed.
    Many congratulations from Oslo

  6. Sabra,

    You might want to put up some rules, like no anonymous posters etc. That definitely helped over on A's blog.


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