Sunday, June 25, 2006

Naked Soccer!

One Sunday afternoon as my husband settled onto the couch to spend an afternoon caressing a “clicker” in one hand and a beer in the other, I casually walked thru the room and snidely remarked that a lot more women would watch football if the men played without their pants on. This drew a bit of a cringe, as my husband briefly and silently imagined how painful this might be, before saying “men wouldn’t watch at all.” I wasn’t referring to having men play in the “full Monty.” What I had in mind is skivvies, akin to a Speedo, and just enough to show off all those “tight ends.”

Saudi Cleric Decries World Cup Soccer Enthusiasm( - Millions of soccer fans around the world are zeroed in on the World Cup tournament, but a Saudi cleric claims that public enthusiasm over sports turns people into fools and encourages nakedness.
The full story is here.

It is really rather unfortunate that soccer would be denounced like this; it is not, however, at all surprising.


  1. I don't know whether a full Monty will work but I'd settle for 3/4 Monica when Brazillll sccoorres..B-3 G-0 for those who saw the game.

    And does anybody notice that the refs in this Word Cup have that slick, shiny hair-do. It's like "Hey, I'm on TV. Gotta look like good like that Beckie guy".

  2. Two 'likes' in one sentence. Bummer! Definitely, way too much beers.

  3. Obviously this cleric is a poor looser. Seeing as the green hawks didn't make it through to the elimination rounds he is so dissapointed he wants to ban the whole thing. Poor love, he needs to cheer up a bit and pick another team to support. After yesterdays preformance by Zizou, I'm all for France!

  4. Naked soccer sounds a lot safer than naked carpentry. For a shameless plug and free advertising, please forgive-

    shar. I'm still waiting for that tale of yours to spin around...


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