Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The no longer buxom Miss Buxley

I don’t know if this will work or not, but I’m going to try to scan in the Beetle Bailey comic strip from today’s Arab News. My husband noticed this before I did. [“Ah, Honey, are you reading ‘that’ for the ‘story line’ or for the ‘pictures?’”] When he said, “Look at this comic.” I did. I read it. Not only did I not see anything all that amusing about it, but I didn’t see the white block across Miss Buxley’s chest, either. Thanks, Honey, for pointing it out to me. [Ooohh! Wait. They use the word “hat tip” in the blog world. Pardon moi! Well, then, hat tip goes to “Honey.”] My eyes just didn’t pick up on this, and probably wouldn’t have.

Interestingly enough, the comic strip underneath Beetle Baily, Between Friends, did not get censored. [I shall report this, immediately!] The second “cell” shows a woman stretching her arms out, and my, oh my, her little bosoms are pointed right out there for the whole entire world to see and there is no “white block” covering her! Am thinking “little” would be the key word in the description there, and apparently no need to censor something that looks like two little mosquito bites versus the voluptuous vixen of the Beetle Bailey strip.

You know, maybe, so that we can make sure that there is no stimulation of any testosterone here, we should eliminate the comics altogether. Please, any men reading this blog, or women, too, if you are even slightly titillated by Miss Buxley, do me a favor. Grab your local paper. Does it have the Beetle Bailey comic strip in it? Presuming it is an uncensored version of this comic, I’d appreciate it if you’d take just a minute and answer the following questions for me:

Did looking at Miss Buxley get you excited?

In what way?

How would you rate this excitement on a scale of one to ten – with one being “not at all excited,” and ten being “highly excited.”

If you rated this anything higher than say – a three – which is right down there with “barely excited,” are you, now, not able to concentrate on anything else, thinking only of how those soft, pillowy mammaries of Miss Buxley straining at light-weight black jersey fabric of her dress, are crying out to be set free?

What are you going to do next?

Are you touching yourself, now?

What do you have on?

Oh my gosh, I’m just kidding! Give it up! Never mind…

Seriously, though, I think that probably more men are going to pick up on this [yeah, obviously!] now that Miss Buxley has been “censored,” than if they would have just left her alone.


  1. Just found your blog and this is hilarious! I found it through "sand gets in my eyes blog". Some of, actually a lot of the stuff I hear coming out of Saudi is just ridiculous! It's nice to have a good laugh every now and again though!

  2. Thanks for visiting, SAC! I have just discovered her blog - she does a very good job of covering many of the same things that I blog on. Hope you enjoy the site - mine - and come back and visit again.


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