Tuesday, March 16, 2010

About that Global Warming Crap

Earth day hour. Turn out the lights. All to heighten the awareness of climate change. Calling algore... Bull$hit is what it is. The Sandbox is chiming in. [How ironic. From a country that cares nothing about what it emits in its air from petroleum refineries and other caustic manufacturing facilities. From a country that does nothing about keeping the dust out of the air and lets us all breathe in toxic substances that are pretty much the equivalent of little teeny tiny pieces of asbestos.] On March 27th, for one hour in the evening, between 8:30 and 9:30, the electricity is going to be shut off. It is the first time that The Sandbox bothered to include itself in the whole global warming hoax since "earth hour" began in 2007. Personally, unless the electricity is shut off at some main point and I cannot turn the lights on, I plan to turn every single light in the house on and every possible appliance.

Bull$hit is what it is. Pure bull$shit.


  1. Oh how we look forward to earth hour this year! We will do the same thing we did last year. Turn every friggin light and appliance (well, the ones that won't burn the house down) full ON and leave them on as we go out for the evening. Two of our neighbors across the street do the same thing. One neighbor, who sits inbetween the two, has an absolute kanipshit and trys to scold us for the "abuse". We all just laugh our asses off at him. It's fun to piss off a liberal!


  2. you know that Trace Adkins song?

    "Every light in the house is on
    The backyard's bright as the crack of dawn
    The front walk looks like runway lights
    It's kinda like noon the dead of night
    Every light in the house is on
    Just in case you ever do get tired
    Of being gone
    Every light in the house is on.."

    Well, I'm waiting for our fine country to return.


  3. Yeah, we can look like North Korea for a while! Will CNN stop broadcasting for that hour?
    I'd like to rent one of those 1940's vintage 800,000,000 candelpower carbon-arc search lights for the event. Something they can see on the space station.


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