Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nothing to do with living in The Sandbox

And, as much as I try [fail!] to keep politics out of my blog because this isn't a blog about politics blah, blah, blah... I just cannot help myself sometimes. The current administration at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, under the helm of their teleprompted leader - the jugearedjackass - constantly and consistently leaves itself wide open for criticism and ridicule. It is no secret that I absolutely loathe that pos who has usurped the highest office in the free world - correction, what used to be the free world. No matter. Things will eventually right themselves. Lord, I hope so! Anyway, I didn't ask his permission but this piece has to be shared. If you haven't taken the opportunity to visit The Lunatic's Asylum, you really ought to. Well, provided you are a right-thinking like mind. Today Matthew posted this:

Reason #11,206 Why Your President is an Asshole...

Okay, I've just turned the television on, and once again The Savior of the Universe is on television complaining about Insurance companies, beating the bushes for his ObamaCare monstrosity. He's using the same old strawman arguments about "
the old lady who gets screwed by her insurance company" and "paid the highest deductible, but got rotten service" and was ultimately "dropped for a pre-existing condition" and all that tommyrot.

Listen, I have first-hand knowledge of what it is to be fucked royally by an insurance company, but I can console myself with this thought: when they were picking up my bills, 90% of my medical expenses were paid for, and I still got 60% of my yearly salary -- tax free -- for almost two years afterwards.

And I paid a lot for that level of coverage, Mr. President. I was recently looking at an old paycheck, and I was paying just a hair over $2,400 a year for that policy, and Lord knows how much of that tab my employer picked up. The lesson: if you can afford to pay for it, you can get awesome coverage.

The problem is that there are people who can't afford that level of coverage, and the reason they can't is not because the insurance companies are out to screw them; it's because they can't earn enough to pay for it themselves. The reasons they can't earn enough to pay for it are varied, but I can promise you that at the top of the list are: uneducated (because the Union-run public schools do such a good job!), lazy (why work when you can claim aggrieved minority status, or just engage in serial pregnancy and get free money?), receiving welfare for the second or third generation, criminal, in the country illegally, have never held a job in their lives.

What Pelosi and Reid have wrought, America wants not. I don't know how much clearer that can be made without an angry mob gathering outside the White House with torches and pitchforks. We can't afford it as a country, and the economy at present is shrinking, not growing, and so it's not likely to be a winner at anytime in the foreseeable future. Drop this subject, Mr. President. You should be paying attention to more important things.

Yet, they can't seem to help themselves, these Obamatards. They keep pushing and pressing and trying to sell it to us. They think if they send The Won out into set-piece little dramas where he is surrounded by vocal supporters (the lazy, halt and stupid, the Union slobs who can afford their own insurance but want it for nothing, anyway), and keep putting them lofty speeches into the Ol' Teleprompter for him to vocalize -- that if he just manages to seem somewhat "Presidential" -- then this pig will manage to fly.

Someone's been watching too much "West Wing", methinks...when he hasn't been following strange men into the shower, allegedly?

None of this makes Barack Obama look "Presidential". Today will be, I think, like his 50th Potemkin Village speech on "health" "care". I still don't know what the heck he's talking about, except that a long-standing American libtard tradition of giving shit to people who haven't earned, and certainly won't ever pay, for it, is to be continued on an even grander scale. FDR and LBJ were disgustingly parsimonious with other people's money compared to BHO. Yeah, that'll make it increasingly popular.

Get this through your heads, democrats: poor people are not terribly motivated to do anything for very long (except maybe breed, smoke crack, and commit violent crimes). You may manage to harness their numbers every so often to achieve some limited result, but you will never be able to harness them for the sort of "transformative" change you're talking about because your own actions have turned them into little more than mental slaves of the government plantation -- with rice pudding for brains, no ambition, no pride and no work ethic. You can round them all up and pump 'em full of adrenaline, but their enthusiasm will quickly fade because their attention spans are geared for "right this second" rather than "tomorrow"; this is why the class-warfare card always fails. It's why this bill will never become law. It's why you're failing now.

It's now gone beyond mere failure, and it begins more and more to resemble desperate begging. It's high-pressure, full-court press sales time; you might as well hang a sign on Obi Won that says "Everything must Go!". You can smell the fear through the television set; this man, who promised so much, has delivered on nothing. If anything, he's already on track to become the Worst President in U.S. History, and yet he's holding out the slim hope that there will be something, something, that he can "achieve" of lasting value that will set him above James Earl Carter on that list. It's beginning to look more like ego than a policy goal. But He's wrong about it all.

Primarily, he's wrong because his vision was too broad, and in the end, he left it to others with their own agendas to fashion it and put their stamps upon it. The other reason he's wrong is because none of this crap over "health" "care" is what a President needs to be doing, nor a government. Do you realize that while the American economy tanks, we've spent fifteen months talking about nothing but this stupid bill?

On the one hand, we should be thankful the assholes in Congress have been preoccupied by this monstrosity, because who knows what other nonsense they may have cooked up if they had had more free time. On the other, BHO has frittered away one third of his presidency tilting at windmills. And if you'll allow me a third hand for rhetorical purposes, The Obama/Pelosi/Reid Frankenstein Bill has probably done more to damage the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party for the future than any tax-cheating, boy-fondling, bribe-taking Congresscirtter ever could.

This bill is the Titanic, and when it finally goes down, it's taking everyone with it. You know it, I know it, anyone capable of breathing without mechanical assistance (would that be covered?) knows it; why doesn't Barack Obama? Either he's stupid, or he doesn't care. I don't know which is worse.

Does it get any better than that? No. It does not! The man's snark-o-meter is stuck ON - it goes full blast ALL THE TIME.

There are a lot of political blogs out there. I spend free time reading many of them. But none quite take the tone of Matthew's analysis of day-to-day policy coming from Washington. Truly I hope that one day I can meet him and share a beverage with him and converse - or just listen to him talk - for the sheer entertainment value of it if nothing else!
On the other hand, I suspect if I have a beverage that I'm trying to consume it will be an ugly sight - no one wants to watch someone spew vino out of their nose...


  1. Margaritas and obnoxious snark on the veranda? Sounds like a date!

  2. Great find. I may nominate him to the Watcher of Weasels Council this week.

    Right Triuth

  3. I'm sure Matthew would like that, Debbie. Always a good line-up, the Watcher choices!

  4. Funny...Im neither lazy nor getting welfare...I work TWO jobs and am currently going to college..and yet still cannot afford health care..so not everyone fits neatly on your list of those that cant afford healthcare. What a crock!!!

  5. Wow! I get nominated for an award AND get compared to Iowahawk in the same week? My cup runneth over. Thank you!

  6. Haha, Americans getting all hot under the collar about this crack me up.

    Man, am I ever thankful I live in a country with universal health care.

    Oh, and right on CoolRed!

  7. @Coolred, nothing ever fits neatly, does it? And good for you that you're not lazy, shiftless and irresponsible -- like most of the people who voted for Obambi.

    However, the country is in the mess it's in right now, in large part because we pay far too much attention to the "exceptions" and not enough to the "rules".

    Honestly, if you don't have insurance, that's your problem -- not mine. Don't expect me to pay for your misfortune/poor choices/circumstances. That's extremely rude and presumptuous of you. I assume you wouldn't buy me a Cadillac just because I don't have one, so why should I pay for your insurance? Worse, why should the government compel me to pay for it?

    Think of it this way; when you finally finish college, if you didn't take a waste degree like Lesbian Latina Dwarfs in American litt or gender studies, you'll probably find yourself a sweet (or better) career and earn a great deal more money (unless Obama raises tax rates to 90% so that illegal aliens can get free butt implants)and then you'll be able to afford all the insurance you want!

    It's called "The Free Market". I know they don't teach you about this stuff in college, but it really does work. Why, I remember back when Hitlery was screeching that 50 million Americans didn't have health insurance, and now the dingbats say it's down to 30 -- and government did't do a thing to change that in the intervening years, did it?

    Didn't mean to hijack your blog, Sabra! Sorry!

  8. I live in a nation with univeral health care but guess what if you need an operation you have to wait, if you need some medical exams you have to wait but if you have an insurance and pay for your exams, operation and so on you don't have to wait...I had to have a small operation but if I had to have it through the national health care I should have to wait 2 or 3 months but i have a private insurance and I had to wait one week...

    Some time ago an american told me that part of the 30 millions without insurance are people that even if they have the $ to pay for it they opt to go without an insurance because they are healty/young and prefer to spend the money in other stuff.

    Please tell me if I wrong but if someone without insurance is sick isn't left outside the hospitals

  9. I am fit as a fiddle with the strength of ten men: i laugh at your puny heath care needs!

    JEJA-O is not stupid; honestly, he seems like a perfect 100.0 IQ. He is not a fool, in that his money will protect him from what he is wreaking. He is what Barrack senior, Stanley "Pops" Dunham and Frank Marshal Davis raised him to be.

  10. countrygirl, I've answered your question here.


  11. Heard on the news last night Obama stated that the vast majority of Americans will be able to keep their insurance. There is a small portion, they say 35 million, without healthcare but, of that 35 million, 12 million or so are illegals. Now if they are fixing the healthcare bill so the 35 million people get insurance, what about the small portion ( of which no numbers were given) of people who will not be able to keep their insurance with the new healthcare bill? Do they go without?

    And where in the constitution does it state the government can force you to buy anything? I read Massachusetts requires all people to buy health insurance and if they don't they get fined. Sounds like obama's bill... being fined for not buying insurance whether you want it or not. Can the government then demand we buy certain types of cars because they deem them more safe than others thereby preventing accidents and saving the government money for treating accident victims?

    Coolred, being an American citizen, though you haven't lived in the country for years, any of your children under 18 years of age should be able to get state or government help with healthcare. In NJ no child goes without coverage under NJ child welfare/wellcare. Check it out in the state you are in. Even if both parents work and can't afford coverage the children can get it.
    And still, isn't it better than being in Bahrain? If you are writhing in agony on the floor- as you once were- you can call an ambulance to come get you and not have to rely on female neighbors to force you to dress and get you to the hospital.

  12. You show why contemporary Republicans are not worthy of power. You are a good example of why the Dems will continue to be on top.
    And I am sure you will censor my post, you probably don't even have the nerve to read through to the end.

    Why? Because you don't care about Americans. Tens of thousands die every year from lack of health insurance. Our streets run red with blood because of people like you, ruthless killers of hard working Americans. Have you bothered to find out the facts? No, you don't care. You convince yourself that these people are scum. Well, they are not.

    Some examples, from my personal experience:

    1. My boss, an entrepreneur, during start up phase (in his 30's) did not carry health insurance. Everything went into the business. He got cancer. Went bankrupt from treatment expenses (a million in the hole). Tried to come back with a new business. Failed. Killed himself.

    2. A brother in law, trying to start a business, began feeling very sick. No health insurance. Everything going into the business. He got sicker and sicker, ended up in critical, now has a health condition much worse than if he had caught it early. Tens of thousands in debt, natch.

    3. A friend's son, turned away from one ER and sent to another when he needed emergency surgery, died en route. No health insurance. Very treatable condition. In his twenties.

    4. Another friend, congestive heart failure that went untreated for several years until he qualified for Medicare. Will he die earlier as a result? Probably.

    5. A friend of a friend who went for treatment to the ER for pneumonia. He delayed going because he lacked health insurance. It was too late. He died.

    The recent health care reform follows the basic outlines of a reform proposed by Dole in the 90's, a Republican. It never went anywhere because Republicans don't care about Americans. They said they would pursue it, after the failure of HillaryCare, but they couldn't be bothered. It also follows the reform scheme of Romney, a Republican, who implemented in in Mass. So why did Republicans choose unanimous 'No'? Sheer politics and catering to economic elites. Americans can die by the tens of thousands every year and Republicans want to froth with hate at any attempt to change the situation.

    What is amazing is that these conservatives consider themselves Christians, for the most part. what a sham, and an outrage, and a shame.

    I know you have no care in your hard, hard heart for the suffering of ordinary, decent, hardworking Americans. But if you are strong enough to stand it (which I very much doubt) here are some studies which contains facts on this issue.


    I hope you enjoy your exile from political power. You, and your kind, are going to stay there for a very long time.


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