Saturday, March 13, 2010

More on that abused baby. Why, how cozy.

Yes, cozy. That would be the only way to describe the situation. That, and confusing. Cozy and confusing. [The facts from one article to the other... Along with one of them having to be incorrect - is the young wife 20 or 23-years-old? - just don't make sense. Sense? Give it up. When you live in a "NLZ"* you do not expect to "make sense" of things. That, and that the two reports are from two different newspapers.]

Regardless of what makes sense or what doesn't, the fact remains that a woman - who was the second wife - or first wife, depending on which report you refer to - of a man who had two wives - abused a baby. A little seven-month-old baby girl. Why? To get revenge on the man's first wife - or his second wife. Today's article says, "The incident took place last week when Anwar's 20-year-old mother, who lives with her husband's first wife, was busy with chores [read: talking or texting on her mobile] in another room and heard Anwar screaming and crying." Last week it was reported that the child belonged to the first wife and that the second wife had been the abuser.

No matter, really. First wife. Second wife. What does matter is that a baby - a six or seven-month-old baby was used as a pawn in this cozy little menageatrois [spelled that way on purpose]. Which just goes to show you that for all the harmony and peace and love and understanding that we are led to believe takes place between a man who is allowed up to four [sometimes six] wives really just does not exist. Oh, sure, everyone can pretend it does, and they do...

Someone go ahead and correct me if I am wrong on this, but it is my understanding that for a man to take on four [or six] wives that they all had to be treated equally. That he had to be able to provide for each of them separately - two wives? Two houses. What were they all doing living together under the same roof? "Anwar's mother married her husband after he divorced his first wife. The pair later reconciled and the three of them were living together in the same house." Cozy? Understatement. And just look how it worked out.

*No logic zone.

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